Depression in Married Couple's Life

Every one wants to lead a happy and beautiful married life. Marriage is the most special moment in any body’s life. Except that they do not know what responsibilities it comes with. Ignorance about how to lead life after getting married, potentially creates depression in ones life.

Many are not prepared for life after marriage. Hence, come out of disillusion soon as the wedding and honey moon are over. Then they begin to realize realistic picture regarding married life and responsibilities it come with.

They are not ready or prepared mentally to execute their responsibilities. It leads them to constant quarreling over a range of issue and indulges in petty fighting more often. This may also create misunderstanding among the husband and wife. Further, each spouse starts taking decision in their marriage according to their perception. This makes them even more apart from each other.

As each one will try to hold his/her decision as correct or viable, leading them to view each other as separate individuals or competitor. Such a relationship gets highlighted as being incompatibility. And it gets very difficult for both to continue with this relationship.

Such a relationship makes their respective live stressful and directionless. Both husband and wife would then contemplate to leave bond of marriage as better option to save their life from daily dose of stress and tension. They get so soaked up in tension, pressure that they are willing to break free from marriage to safe themselves.

They feel so depressive that this begins to affect their professional life as well. Depression is feeling of being low or sad for considerable long period of time. Depression is not regular sadness, grief that goes away after short time. Many people around the world experience different Types of Depression. People who want to safe themselves need to gain info about depression and its symptoms to live a happy life.

So what is need to safe the marriage?

Every work we carry out in this world has it own set rules, rights and eventually action based result. Unless you understand your role and responsibilities, it is not easy to make any thing work. Let alone fight for your rights.

It is common for women and men to dream about a perfect marriage life. But world of imagination is not same as real one, and dream rarely culminate in real life. Some couples are so engrossed in their fantasy that they are unable to cope with real truth. It is important for newly weds to concede and accept realistic expectation regarding married life.

Understand you partner, their nature and their right. This approach will help you in understanding your duties toward your spouse. And in turn make your spouse change any misconception about your. In turn start accepting you and appreciating your efforts. Be the first to initiate wellness in your marriage, do not involve yourself in thought of ‘why I need to start being nice, he could start it too’. As fruit of successful marriage is for you to enjoy, you are doing it for your own good.

Be alert and well prepared to face any challenges or difficult situation as they arise. It is normal to have problem or serious issues in every marriage. What matters is how tough and intelligent you are to deal with them. Have a mental attitude to sort out issues.

Communication is important in marriage, healthy marriage always depend on how issues can be solved through one to one talk between husband and wife. Talk about your expectation from the marriage. Be open to your spouse and discuss every issue you feel about. This will help you in eliminating problems and also understanding your partner’s like and dislike too.

Being patient in face of crises is indispensable quality, every spouse need to build in them. Giving support to each other when feeling down, sad or unhappy, will build trust and love in one another’s heart.

Finally do not starting expecting things to correct themselves over night. Give some time for issue to be settled down and wait for solution to accompany results. Besides, you always have option of seeking counseling if circumstances demand.