Depression – How to Solve?

How to solve depression? Depression is the most important problem of today. It was called melancholia in the past. It is described as a sense of desolation or despair, a lack of sense of worth with no enthusiasm or curiosity in the environment. In addition, there are physical symptoms of poor desire for food, insomnia and a loss of sexual vigor.

It sees as if the deprived should be depressed, but the reality is just the opposite. The poor may be frustrated but they are not disheartened. The underprivileged suffer but do not loose the hope for the future.

The man lived up to now in the anticipation that every thing will be all right in the future. But all his utopians have failed, as he has achieved his cherished goals, still there is no sense in his life.

When a person finds emptiness after achieving material wealth, he looses all hope for the future. At the same time he looses his confidence as the whole life is devastated in collecting all the wealth & he finds no significant out of it. At this joke people think for suicide as they see it to be the only solution. People like Nitze commit suicide as he found no meaning in life, even though he was a great philosopher.

Being has many dimensions, but we are conditioned to live outer aspect of life only & that is achieving material wealth. Men running after riches bypass many attributes of life. He has no time to come across the beauty of roses; he has no time to glance at the birds; he has no time to look at the beauty of human beings; he has no time to understand the mystery of life & live it.

This man has diagnosed himself his whole life living in tension, worry & at the end he thinks to relax & enjoy. How can he? Enjoyment has to be nourished day by day. It also ask for a certain discipline.

This is the reason of depression. It was not as intense in the past as it is now. The technology has provided every comfort & still the man is fruitless.

In the eastern countries, this setback is not as big as in western countries. The cause being, in the east, there has always been one aspect of life available & that is the inner dimension of finding oneself. When the person gets fad-up with the life, the wonderful world, he goes in search of his essential being ie his soul. He becomes a vagabond.

The real purpose of our life is in the discovery of our true-self. We will have to get trained for this inner journey. Only mystics know the path.There is no reason to be depressed, as the road does not end.