Depression – How to Face It

Do you or a loved on suffer from depression?

Depression can be a crippling mental disorder when ignored or left untreated. Feelings of sadness and other negative feelings affect us all at some point in our lives and desperately need to be addressed in order to get to the root of the problem. The current economic crisis, relationships and poor job suitability are all contributing factors to why people may suffer from depression. Vast amounts of money are spent each year on treating sufferers of depression, treatments range from hospitalization to counselling and prescribed drugs such as anti-depressants. In fact anti-depressants only defer the depression and do not actually cure the disorder, yet millions of people receive prescriptions for anti-depressants each year. Studies have shown that these treatments prove largely ineffective and now mental health professionals are turning to alternative options to solve the age old disorder. On the upside we can rest assured that depressionis not permanent and there is a way out of what often seems like a never ending flood of negative thoughts and emotions on a daily basis.

The answer lies within Cognitive Behavior Therapy concepts and how to use them to overcome, OCD or Anxiety. Cognitive behavior therapy has been used to successfully and permanently relieve people of depression all over the world and attending a clinic is not necessary. The process involves changing mental attitudes towards everyday life, understanding the relationship between your thoughts, behaviour and moods and identifying negative thoughts which cause prolong your depressed state. One of the objectives of Cognitive Behavior Therapy is to identify and monitor thoughts, assumptions, beliefs and behaviors that are related and accompanied to debilitating negative emotions and to identify those which are dysfunctional, inaccurate, or simply unhelpful. This is done in an effort to replace or transcend them with more realistic and self-helping ways. Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help depression sufferers overcome their disorder and lead a normal healthy and happy life. It is essential to understand what causes depression and to be aware of the actions, thoughts and feelings that can trigger it.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy will …
-Help You understand the relationship between your thoughts, behaviours and moods which will feel like a heavy weight has been lifted.
-Teach You behavioral techniques to help increase your activity levels and unleash your untapped energy you already have.
-Teach You cognitive techniques to help identify and challenge the negative thoughts which help to keep your depression ongoing.
-Teach You to measure changes in your symptoms, prepare for obstacles and set goals.
-Help Identify triggers and patterns of your low moods, and to understand that you play an active part in getting yourself out of a low mood and regaining your own happiness.