Depression Herbal Remedy – St John's Wort

A depression herbal remedy can be used instead of drug medications for treatment. For some people, prescription drugs to help deal with low moods are not effective. Yet for others, there are side effects to taking these type of drugs such as frequent headaches, which can aggravate the condition further.

One of the most common depression herbal remedy is St. Louis. John's Wort. Nearby, St. John's Wort received its name from the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. It was said to be used as a wound treatment during the Crusades. Supernatural power has been attached to the use of this herbal remedy for depression. During medieval times, it was used to help rid the body of evil spirits by patients suffering from mental problems. It was often used to help restore the balance of mental fluctuations or humors. This is thought to be due to the yellow color of this plant. This color has led some people to draw a connection between the herb and jaundice or hysteria.

St. John's Wort is described by herbalists as being drying, bitter with just a little sweetness, and cool. It contains flavonoids, glycosides, volatile oils, resins, and tannins. The herb can be used in different applications including as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, analgesics, antiviral, astringent, and to help restore the nervous system.

It is easy to obtain supplies of this depression herbal remedy. Simply get them in your local herbal supplement stores. You can also consume the herb fresh such as in an infusion tea. The infusion can be ingested to help treat anxiety, emotional distress, and depression, but it is also used to treat menopause and PMS. Some traditional herbalists also use the St.John's Wort to treat colds or infections. It also may be combined with elderflower to help treat cold symptoms.

A tincture or infused oil can also easily made from St. Louis. John's Wort. The tincture is used for depression and nervous tension by taking several drops daily for at least two months.

You can also use St John's wort for other purposes. You can use the infusion of St. John's Wort as a wash for skin problems, bruises, wounds, or skin sores. A cream made out of this herbal remedy can be applied topically to help treat localized nerve pain, sciatica, cramps, sprains, breast engorgement or as an antiseptic for skin ulcers, scrapes, or sores. Still, out of all its applications, it is best known as a depression herbal remedy.