Depression – Finding Ideas to Get You Through Tough Times

When your usual energy and joy for life disappear and are replaced by deep sadness and sluggishness your depression can rob you of your confidence, self esteem and eventually the will to live. With help, including help from a program such as overcoming depression, and determination you can show depression 'the door' – but you will not necessarily learn how to do this overnight and you may still sometimes be caught out. Depression does not need to stop you from doing things and it can make you more compassionate and understanding of others. Sometimes when you are working on overcoming depression you can gain inspiration from others who have overcome their depression.

There are many famous people who have experienced bouts of depression. These include: Brook Sheilds, Jim Carrey, Drew Barrymore, Rosanne Barr, Woody Alan, John Cleese, Elton John, Billy Joel, Robby Williams, Beethoven, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Monica Seles, John Keates, Lord Byron, F. Scott fitzgerald, Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Claude monet, Jackson Pollock, Michelangelo, Abraham Lincoln, Barbara Bush, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Buzz Aldrin, Yves Saint Laurent – and this list is far from complete.

Princess Diana suffered from post natal depression following the birth of her son Prince William. She spoke of feeling like not wanting to get out of bed, of being misunderstood and she felt that people considered her an embarrassment. Initially Princess Dianna used self harming behaviour but later channelled her depression into charitable work. She spoke of giving affection to the British people to make them feel important, to support them and to given them 'light in their dark tunnels.' You can gain inspiration from this and find your own way of channelling your depression into something that is of importance to you.

Sir Winston Churchill also suffered from depression – which he named his 'black dog'. He considered that the name stopped him from being depressed about being depressed – dogs are loyal and can be trained. They can sometimes attack but can be overcome and 'put down'. People who are depressed often blame themselves for the problem – but giving the depression a pet name helps them see that the depression is the problem and not themselves. Churchill, instead of seeing himself as the problem was able to ask himself questions like: 'How am I being affected by the black dog?' 'How can I get rid of the black dog?' Is this something that you can do with your depression?

Others (such as Leo Tolstoy, Stephan Hawkins and many others) have found having something to believe in to be helpful. This may be a religion or other belief or purpose for life or contribution that they can make. Many have overcome depression with the help and guidance and support of others – sometimes theses are health professionals and sometimes they are not. There are many directions that people with depression have taken.

You can find your own role model or support person / people to help you through the tough times. There are many movie stars, singers, writers, athletes, politicians and professionals who have successfully overcome depression. Find someone who motivates and inspires you. There are plenty of famous people who have overcome depression and the stigma that is associated with this problem. However, if famous people are not for you then you can seek models that are closer to home – you might be able to find religious leaders, teachers and neighbours who have successfully overcome depression. Take inspiration from wherever it may arise.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of depression it is important that you seek the help of health professionals but there are many things that you can do for yourself. Taking courage, inspiration and ideas from the way that others have managed and overcome their depression is one such step. You can also join overcoming depression program. Take the tour that is on the site and see what they are able to do to help.