Depression Can Shoot Up the Rate of Crimes in the Society!

A lot has been said about depression and its effects on human beings. However, many of you might not know that depression is also a very fertile ground for the breeding of criminal tendencies in human beings. And this is not a new theory. This theory was worked upon by the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud years ago.

It has been seen that people who had a bad life or a bad childhood fall into an unexplainable guilt and later become criminals themselves. There are people who have very intricately woven and very complex childhood. There are others who go through a lot of pain and cruelty in the process of growing up. These people, who see a tough face of life, develop a very pessimistic view of life. They become revengeful and like to see others go through the same pain and agony as they have been through.

In short these people become nothing less than psychopaths. They wish that others suffer in the same way as they have. Though this side of depression has not been explored as much, still it is a very much existent. Depression causes many people to fall into various sorts of crimes. Several instances of very gory, strange, weird, and ruthless kinds of crimes are often reported in the newspapers and the news. The instances of serial killings, horrific mutilation or very weird yet interrelated crimes are often committed by people who in some way or the other had or have a very disturbed life.

Depression can actually lead a person into becoming criminal. After committing a crime nobody sits down to take track of the factors that forced him into the field of crime. He or sometimes even she when caught are tried for their crimes but nobody goes deep into the psyche of the criminal. What exactly led the concerned person into committing the crime?

Definitely there are instances when crimes are committed for profits and gains. But there are certain crimes especially murders and rapes that are committed without any apparent cause. The criminal commits the crimes just for the sake of it or for the heck of it and derives a very perverted form of pleasure. The society prefers to call these people mentally imbalanced or ill but it has been found in the studies and researches that the root cause is nothing but depression. Some thinkers argue that the crimes are also a form of venting out the depression that’s piled up into the person or the “criminal”.

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