Depression, Anxiety and Hypertension Treatment


Dream treatment is ideal for all types of mental illnesses and conditions, and will certainly help you overcome your depression, anxiety and hypertension once you learn how to decipher the hidden messages contained in your own dreams, giving you information about you and the world where you are.

Depression is always following you if you are too anxious and hypertensive, because you cannot find peace and satisfaction anywhere.

Your dreams will organize your thoughts and your daily life, showing you what is really important for your happiness.

Anxiety is part of your daily reactions when you are always afraid of failure and many other dangers. You’ll learn how to feel confident and trust your capacities, besides learning what will happen in the future, so that you may correct what could have bad results.

You’ll also learn how to be wise and forgive everyone’s mistakes, without expecting too much from anyone.

The truth about the human psyche and the world where you live will give you notions that will calm you down, and you’ll stop being a bomb ready to explode, becoming a sensible and sensitive human being, able to think and feel before acting, and able to discern the right solutions among all the possibilities and impossibilities of the external reality.

The dream language is made of scenes and images that give you information and many lessons about everything. Once you learn it, the confused images you see when you sleep will acquire meaning, and you’ll be able to see what exists inside you and what determines your behavior. This way, you won’t live dominated by your wild self, due to the interference of the anti-conscience (your primitive conscience) into the human side of your conscience.

You’ll learn so many things about your personality and about the personality of all the people that you know, that you’ll feel superior.

The truth is that you’ll really be superior from the common human beings that live making mistakes and repeating them throughout their lives. The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams will guide you, and show you how to transform your personality, so that you may be always balanced and never make any mistakes.

Your depression will give place to a good new disposition and courage, when you discover all your hidden capacities. You certainly have many talents that you have never used, because they belong to the primitive side of your conscience, since they never had the chance to be transformed and belong to the organized, and human side of your conscience.

The transformation of your personality will be your salvation from depression, anxiety, hypertension and all existent mental illnesses, since you’ll learn how to face reality with courage, and how to always find the solutions you need.

Dream treatment according to the scientific method is the best treatment you could have, and entirely free of charge, since your doctor is the unconscious mind. You only have to learn the dream language (which I simplified very much translating dreams for 19 years) in order to enjoy all the benefits you can have with this superior knowledge.