Depression and Philosophy


Your personal philosophy of life will help you overcome your depression and even give your life a good meaning. If you are depressed it is because you are sensitive, you are not indignant to what is wrong, unbearable, ugly and crazy.

You are human. You are not a stone.

However, the emotion you feel is too strong and it ruins your life …

Your philosophy of life has to accept suffering because the human being is very far from perfection and this world is too imperfect in many aspects. You can not avoid suffering. Your pain will transform you and make you wiser because you will understand how tragic reality is. This conclusion will help you in the future because it will help you to be cautious.

Even if you are completely desperate because you are in a terrible situation and you have no hope of salvation or support, do not think that you are suffering this way without reason, or only because your enemies are responsible for that.

Your pain has a meaning and it can be turned into gold. Since you are suffering, you can also understand the layout of others who suffer. You are not a hypocrite. You will not try to obtain pleasure from being surrounded by so many horrors, like most people do, because they are individual.

You may think that you would not be depressed if things were not so difficult for you and you may envy those who laugh and have no mystery in their hearts, but your philosophy of life will consider your experiences as if they were very important lessons that only privileged people can have because they depend on their resistance.

Give a meaning to everything. Start being a poet or artist.

Describe your mundane moments as if they were the most important moments of your life. Think about the time when things will be much better and you'll read everything you are writing now that you are desperate and simply trying to survive without giving up.

Think about a better future, a better life. Never consider your pain as if it was eternal.

Regardless of what happened with you in your life, forgive everyone because no one is perfect and forgive yourself because you are a mere human being that ignores many things.

Put an end to your remorse and to your hat forever. Be a philosopher who always understands and always tries to keep the precious peace in relations with others.

If the others make you sad, have pity on them because they are this way and stop thinking about them. Think about the meaning of life and death. Think about human nature, human mistakes, human defects … everything that can make you forgive everyone.

Try to have a better humor. Look for better reactions in your character; try to show a better disposition to your community, even if you feel only want to disappear.

Think that the world needs you. You have something to say and something to do in this world.

Only because you are a philosopher that thinks and criticizes everything, your life is very important. You can help the others with your conclusions. You are wise, because you are not indifferent. You care, you feel, you remember.

Your tears are diamonds. Later, they will become parts of your strong personality and they will cover your psychic sphere with sensitivity, as well as with resistance to pain.

Your life is long. You still have time to feel happy after all the pain and all the lessons!