Depression and Energy Healing – Recommendations and Suggestions


Does anyone get in to energy healing? This question was asked to me from a friend. My friend is severely depressed and she is feeling like she is appealing negative energy to herself right now. Between a nightmare with car accidents in the last month, and insurance problems, and bills she thought were paid off showing up as collections, she really feels like she needs to cleanse her body and her aura or something! She reads in a magazine about energy healing and she thought she'd ask about it.

What I can suggest is to get bach flowers remedy. The Bach flowers are tinctures of various flowers that work to help you with depression and other psychological issues. They are fantastic and they really work. There are 38 different essences and I have found it to be one of the most interesting and rewarding things that I have learned to date.

I can only say that I am a big user of these flower remedies. Believe me, I have enough reason to be depressed. Not prepared to get into that here but this has been a method that has literally saved my life. Worth a try in my humble opinion.

Alternately, you can do Reiki. One of my friends, John does Reiki, which is great on three counts. Firstly, it helps when your candida symptoms start coming on. Secondly, it calms the mind and with candida you find that you get stressed and frustrated more easily. In fact your personality seems to change due to the actual candida or the toxins given off. And thirdly, you can learn it yourself and its reliably cheap, its dead simple (all you need is your hands!) And you can do it anywhere any place.