Depression – 8 Healing Tips For Depression

"Depression hurts!" That's an understatement! Depression hurts, it is paralling, numbing, overwhelming, despairing, desperate and blue. Millions of Americans suffer with depression and most go untreated. Did you know that in addition to that terrible blue feeling, that depression increases your risk of serious diseases? The cost of depression is in the billions of dollars in mistakes, loss work time, illness, and medications, not to mention the cost to strained and broken relationships.

First, make a commitment to yourself. You are important. You may not feel like it, but you are. Commit to walking the path to get well.

Get counseling. Find a good counselor, rollup your sleeves and dive into the belly of the beast. Find out why. Once you understand the causes for your blues, you can heal those deep wounds develop tools to deal with life.

Medication may be part of your recovery program. While medication is not the miracle pill, it can support you as you do your work and heal. Medicine does not have to be a forever item. (I was on medication for a number of years and was told that I would never get off them.

Diet and exercise … lets get right down to the basics. Eat regularly and (if you can) eat an organic nutritious well balanced diet. Chemical imbalances are a contributing factor in depression. The American diet of fast foods, high in white sugar, white flour, and salt is killing us. And this diet might well be a key player in your depressions. Clean up your diet, clean up your insides and lighten your attitude. Exercise! Get your body moving. A 20 minute walk 3 times a week can lift your mood. Regular exercise stimulates the endorphins which elevate the mood.

Are there complimentary treatments you can use? Absolutely! Here are natural things that I routinely include in my practice. Depression is a state that holds a lower, denser vibration. Medication can support a person; however it can not raise the vibration rate of the person. Therapies that can raise your vibration includes energy healing, therapeutic grade essential oils, and flower remedies.

Healing Touch and Brennan Healing Science Energy work raises the vibration of the Human Energy System and assists the client release old patterns and hold new energy patterns that support a balanced mental state. Young Living Essential Oils have very high vibration rates and when used in, on and around the body, raise the vibration of the body. Higher vibration can not support depression. Bach Flower Remedies balance emotions and assist in the release of negative states such as fear, being inconsiderate, greed, hatred, jealousy, anger, impatience, worry etc. In these states the person has separated from their higher self or soul. The flower remedies reconnect the personality with the soul and that negative state dissolves (Bach Flower Therapy by Mechtchild Scheffer 1988). Using Flower Remedies also raises the vibrations.

Did you know that you can structure your brain, using sound. Holosync re-patterns the brain using sound to induce brain wave patterns of deep meditation. Holosync produces many desirable mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Using Holosync can reduce stress and anxiety, gives new sense of well being, increases focus, concentration, and memory to name a few of the benefits.