Depersonalization – The Symptoms and the Cure!

Depersonalization is an altered state of awareness where one loses the sense of reality. It is a symptom accompanying strong anxiety and panic attacks. Depersonalization can make you feel like turning crazy or even being crazy, it takes pleasure out of an ordinary life for sure. If you can get rid of your anxiety your depersonalization will fade away. The question is how to defeat anxiety?

It is not an easy task to get over anxiety on your own without medication, but its doable. Once you get your anxiety under control, life opens up many new doors as you will dare and enjoy to achieve much more. In order to reduce your anxiety you might want to try the following things, but remember to be patient and do not expect immediate results. Anxiety, especially in a strong state requires time and patience, but in the end its worth every minute spent on treating your symptoms.

First of all you need to control all of your negative thinking. This might sound hard and can’t blame you, because it is. Anxiety has many faces, on of them is when you are depersonalized as your mind goes usually blank, which can be a quite terrifying experience since you feel like you are unable to think and everything feels “hollow.” This is often accompanied by strong anxiety or very unpleasant panic attacks.

Each thought is a chemical process in the brain. Therefore if you learn to control your thoughts by enjoying the positive ones and ignoring the negative thinking you will soon find a great relief in anxiety.

It is vital to control and train your cognition in order to overcome anxiety along with depersonalization. There are several ways to train your mind. Meditation is one of the options as it allows your mind to rest and so regenerate. You don’t necessarily need to turn into a Buddhist, just find 10-20 minutes a day when you will just sit in peace, close your eyes and try to relax.

Then there are many ways to control the way you think and to train your mind. Anxiety books and web-pages can be greatly useful. There is a great amount of information among books and sites concerning anxiety, all of which are worth a try.

Secondly, your brain is chemically imbalanced. Anxiety is often an indicator that there is a deficiency of some chemical in your brain. In most cases its serotonin deficiency that causes anxiety, however dopamine could also be the cause. Therefore you might find useful introducing vitamins and supplements into your life. Supplements such as 5-HTP, GABA, Valerian help to increase serotonin (5-HTP in specific) and promote relaxation by increasing gaba levels. If you don’t like popping pills, then you can acquire these substances via food, but in much lower amounts.

There are many great ways to treat anxiety, you just need to find what works best for you. You might want to look at my sources, they should serve you as a good starting point by giving a great amount of suggestions in treating anxiety using various methods.