Depersonalization – The Path Out


The majority of people who experience depersonalization believe they are ill and also believe this fact has been overlooked by their physician. They rush from doctor to doctor, in hopes that one of them will hit on the “true” diagnosis. When they come up “empty handed” they wonder why no one is able to locate the source of their problem. Frustration sets in because they believe something has been “missed” or “overlooked.” They worry that they will have to live with this intrusion for the rest of their lives. They become angry and defeated when they cannot find the answer to this difficulty. This is because they are looking in the wrong place. The answer is not where they might believe.

Did they ever think that maybe, just maybe, nothing was found because there is nothing to be found?
– When you treat something as an illness, when it is not, relief is nearly impossible to locate. This is a fact.
– When you think of yourself as ill, day in and day out, you will eventually begin to feel ill…or at
least convince your mind and body that you are ill. Watch your thoughts…you can change them.
– When you constantly believe in a mysterious trigger or a puzzle surrounding your symptom,
you will tie your mind up in knots trying to piece this puzzle together, creating an exhaustion of
mind and body.
– Treating a non-illness with medication often has little or no effect whatsoever.

Bottom line, depersonalization is not an illness. You are not sick and even though you feel “strange” this is not indicative of illness. It is the product of extreme stress and anxiety.

When one’s belief system takes on an idea (even if it is a misconception), and ponders this idea on a daily basis, the brain eventually takes this as fact. The mind has undergone a type of negative self-hypnosis. It has talked itself in believing a misconception, from constant thought concerning a “what if” probability.

This is why it is imperative to take a second look at your belief system, concerning depersonalization. Take a very close look and note:

– Are you telling yourself this couldn’t possibly be anxiety related?
– Are you telling yourself they missed something?
– Are you telling yourself that something is damaged or “off” in your mind or body?
– Are you “sure” this is a sign of sickness?
– Do you actually believe that medication is the only path out of depersonalization?

Take any one of these beliefs and repeat it to yourself daily and you will have fallen into the trap of negative self-hypnosis. Your mind has grasped a misconception which is keeping you trapped within the habit of depersonalization. This is self-induced, and self perpetuated, whether you are aware of this or not.

We are what we think about all day. It is time to turn this around by changing the way you think, changing your attitude and letting go of a belief system that is holding you captive. It’s time to cut the misconception loose and go on with your life.

You do have the power to undo these feelings. It takes a little practice but it can be accomplished. It begins with our step by step recovery plan, beginning with our Four Steps to Relief:
1- Acknowledge and Accept
2- Re-Evaluate Your Beliefs
3- Reprogram
4- Re-Focus

These four steps will take you OUT of INTROSPECTION and out of FALSE BELIEFS. You have convinced yourself that you are “ill” when you are not. This is why the mind/body remains “stuck.” Our program explains these four steps in detail and guides you out of stubborn depersonalization and derealization.

Alter this belief system and watch how quickly the mind rejuvenates, once the burden of false belief has lifted.

Practice these steps and you will find the depersonalization lifts and the necessity for medications is no longer a matter. For further elaboration on these steps feel free to contact me.

This along with our Neutralizing Diet and Behavioral Modification treatment will lead to a permanent recovery from Depersonalization and Derealization.