Depersonalization and Adrenal Fatigue


Those who struggle with anxiety often state they feel fatigued or depleted. They feel flat, exhausted, foggy and lightheaded. Feelings of depersonalization often appear as one becomes frustrated and caught up in the cycle of worry and fear.

There is a logical explanation for these sensations and also a way to overcome the exhausted and unreal state one is now experiencing.

Explanation is of primary importance.

Those who struggle with anxiety often state they feel fatigued or depleted. They also struggle with feelings of unreality and brain fog. This drained sensation is caused by the combination of:

1 – Constant release of adrenaline, in response to the habit of fearful thinking.

2 – A significant decrease in serotonin due to continuous stressful thought, worry and poor diet/nutrition.

This is why so many who struggle with anxiety often find themselves in a state of depletion, due to the overall release of adrenaline. Every worried thought triggers a mild release of adrenaline and every panicky thought an even greater release. It makes perfect sense that one would experience symptoms of adrenal fatigue and depersonalization after a period of time.

Other Triggers:

Generalized Stress
Unresolved Pressures and Issues
Stressful People and Situations
Improper Diet and Nutrition, Refined and Processed Foods
Skipping Meals
Lack of Sleep

There is a definite pattern that makes this easy to identify.

One Begins to Experience the Symptoms of:

Feelings of Exhaustion, especially in the early part of day.
Emotionally Flat
Lack of Appetite
Inability to Concentrate
Dizziness and Lightheaded
Hypoglycemic Reactions- Reactive to foods high in carbohydrates.
Feelings of Unreality and Fogginess- Symptoms of Depersonalization

Believe it or not, with the proper approach, these sensations of depersonalization and adrenal fatigue actually dissipate quite quickly. A few corrections in diet/nutrition and behavior will place one back on track and the result is the reconciliation of the above symptoms.

It is important to know how to naturally repair both mind and body from both adrenal fatigue and feelings of brain fog, stemming from adrenal fatigue.

It is Best to Avoid:

Refined and Processed Foods
Caffeine: Coffee, Tea, Sodas, Chocolate
Stressful People
Stress in General
Carbohydrates without proteins. (combination buffers action of carb)
Stimulating Foods and Medications

Healing Regimen:

Retrain the Brain: Learn to switch off stress and replace it with productive behaviors.
Turn off the Racing Mind: Give the depersonalized mind a chance to refresh. Mind Clearing works.
Recreational Therapy in Moderation: Mild outdoor activities that stimulate mind and body.
Anxiety Neutralizing Diet: Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels, Non-Starchy Foods, Lean Proteins, Good Fats, Vegetables and Fruits.
Serotonin Boosting Diet: Helps body manufacture serotonin in the brain, naturally (Anxiety Neutralizing Diet)
Proper Sleep and Relaxation
4-5 Small Meals a Day
Never Skip a Meal
Use Sea Salt
Pure Water
Supplements: B Complex, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Multiple Vitamin

The mind and body are able to recharge and rejuvenate. It is up to you to make these changes in order to allow it to do so. Self-nurturing is necessary, especially after one has stressed the system with constant thoughts of fear and worry. It’s time to break this habit, learn to retrain the brain, fuel the body with healthy foods and give both the mind and body a chance to refresh and revitalize.