Dentist Phobia: How To Overcome Fear of The Dentist

Are you one of the many people who suffer from dental phobia which is an absolute fear of visiting the dentist?

Then do not be embarrassed as you are not the only one because it is very common and unfortunately many are suffering from it as well.

The main reason is due to a very traumatic experience when you were younger. As it involves a deep emotional response the impact it has on you is very much on your mind and it affects your waking and also sleep time as well.

The normal response is to say "I am not going to go through that again" and what happens is that your defence walls are built up. But this tends to be taken to the extreme so that you would rather put up with the pain, bad breathe, rotten teeth and hide your hideous smile than seek help.

When left too long the sufferer will feel very embarrassed and even if the pain becomes more severe they fear being told off when they do seek treatment. This will impact on the initial fear and they suffer more. It is only when it gets to the point that they have not slept or eaten for days that they will go for treatment.

Do not let the past influence your health today because without your health nothing really matters as all your energy is being consumed with the pain, worry and stress that goes with it.

You need to seek a dentist who has ways to make your dental experience a less traumatic one and this is achieved by personalizing the care to cater for your specific needs, so that you are in control of each aspect of the process. In other words you need a dentist who treats you as an individual to help you to overcome your fear step by step.

Being a common problem dental phobia and fear of the dentist is painful, very stressful and this can be overcome to get your health back as well as your peace of mind as life is too short.