Dental Phobia – What Can I Do to Combat My Fears?


We all want to look and feel our best and a great smile is your first step to feeling fabulous. New dental implants are just one of the various cosmetic dental procedures available to improve your teeth. For some of us the vast array of procedures is a blessing giving us more flexibility over the way we take care of our teeth but for many of us the great number of choices out there present a huge dilemma – how can I undergo dental surgery when I suffer from dental phobia. This article aims to outline some ways in which you can combat dental phobia.

What is dental phobia?

Dental phobia is a term used to describe the fear and anxiety associated with visiting the dentist. Other terms used to describe this fear are dentist phobia, dentaphobia and ordontophobia. This fear of visiting the dentist is often routed in childhood experiences which may have left us in pain and distress. We are all aware of the stereotypical image of the dentist who enjoys pain. The rational adult side of us knows this is not the case but this rational justification does not help to take way the worry and anxiety that the mere mention of a trip to the dentist can cause.

How can I stop my dental phobia?

There are various ways in which you can take control of your anxiety.


Anxiety is often rooted in a fear of the unknown. You can help yourself get through your procedure by educating yourself on all the ins and out and risks of your dental implant procedure. There is a wide array of information available in the public domain. The more you know the better able you will be able to cope with the surgery


Some people find it difficult to relax in the dentist's chair which can height anxiety levels. If you are mentally tense then you will be physically tense so one of the easiest ways to combat stress is through body relaxation methods. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises and certain yoga techniques can all help to combat stress and anxiety.


Distracting yourself from what is happening in front of you is a method recommended by many clinics to help to relax you mentally. A lot of clinics now recommend the use of personal music devices to help keep you mentally relaxed during your procedure. Many offices are now equipped with Virtual Reality-like glasses. These glasses provide a visual and auditory distraction from your procedure and allow you to watch a video during your procedure.

Having a dental procedure can be a daunting prospect but hopefully this article has identified some ways in which you can minimize your dental phobia in order to have a successful dental implant procedure.