Defying the Odds

Veterinary Prognosis: She Will not Survive.

Ellie, one of my clients, called me about a dog named Abby who had been viciously attacked by another dog. The attacker had ripped open Abby's belly and intestines. Even after major surgery, things did not look very good for Abby.

I was told that the veterinarian had little to no hope for Abby's recovery.

Had Abby also heard this? And if she had, did she accept the veterinarian's perspective as written in stone?

Reconstructive surgery repaired the abdominal wall and removed damages portions of Abby's intestines, leaving Abby very weak and septic. The bowel contents that had poured into her belly had caused peritonitis. Further surgery to seal any additional leaks from her gut was not an option because of how sick and weak Abby had become.

Abby's person, Britteny, took Abby home so that they could spend time together before Abby passed.

Could this situation be turned around?

First I did an Animal Communication with Abby and Britteny. We spoke about how Abby did not have to accept the veterinarian's judgment about her chances of recovery. Then I recommended that Abby be given flower essences, such as Rescue Remedy, to help her body deal with the shock and trauma she had experienced.

Then, I did an energy healing session for Abby.

After calling on higher guidance and receiving Abby's permission to do the healing, the healing guides and I focused on boosting Abby's immune system by energetically stimulating white blood cell production and activity.

All the organs involved in this process received special attention, especially her thymus gland, her spleen, and her bone marrow.

Then the focus shifted to helping the rest of Abby's body recover from the attack. We released emotions that could create energetic blocks to healing, removed stagnant energies, cleansed and balanced her chakra system, and filling her up with the Divine Light and Love.

One of the healing teams repaired the etheric template for her physical body, which if damaged, can prevent a full recovery.

After the healing session, Abby slept deeply.

And then the miracle started to happen. Abby began to improve.

When I checked in with Ellie, she reported that within an hour after the healing Abby got up from her bed and started eating and drinking on her own.

Two days later, on Saturday, Abby was up and playing ball in the back yard.

The following Wednesday, Abby was still eating and drinking on her own, and her body was fighting off the infection.

Ellie told me, "The vet can not believe it."

Britteny, Abby's person, told me "The vet can not explain why she [Abby] is still alive."

Sometimes Western medicine does not have all the answers. The surgery was essential to setting the stage for Abby to heal, but it's up to the body and to the soul or spirit to complete the healing process.

  • Abby is a brave soul who listened carefully when I told her that she did not have to die just because the veterinarian was not optimistic about her situation.
  • In addition, the energetic healing session gave her body the opportunity to turn things around by marshalling her natural healing abilities.
  • The love and attention that Britteny wave Abby also played a significant role in helping Abby recover.

When I do a healing for someone, I know that what happens is not up to me. It's entirely up to the human or animal who receives the energies.

By staying open to possibilities, I create a sacred space for miracles to happen.

Sometimes they do.