Define Gynecomastia – The Definition, Causes and Treatment


Define gynecomastia: Gynecomastia is a Greek term meaning women-like breasts. This condition can certainly inflict emotional and psychological problems. In some cases, the presence of gynecomastia can even indicate a more serious physical condition. Some men who have gynecomastia have been reported to have an underlying physical case of testicular tumor.

In most cases, however, gynecomastia is not a serious physical ailment. It is just a benign enlargement of the male breasts due to the propagation of fatty deposits in male breasts. Although it is not a grave physical problem or health issue, it has commonly affected a man’s self-esteem in regards with his social relationships and his outlook of his natural body.

As you have noticed, gynecomastia frequently occurs in infancy and adolescence. Most male babies have enlarged breasts due to the build up of the mother’s hormones, which are still in their system. Sixty to ninety percent of male infants have this natural condition. It is also predominant in male adolescence.

For those adolescent young men who have this condition, it usually goes away after eighteen months. However, unfortunately for some, the condition may occur longer than that, which would require an alternative means of treatment.

It is less common during male adulthood. Gynecomastia occurs when a man gets older due to a considerable weight gain. The most common cause of gynecomastia in adult males is due to hormonal imbalance brought about by different factors. Aside from the most common cause, which is weight gain, hormonal imbalance may also occur because of some form of medications, steroids and in extreme cases, castration, chronic liver disease, or a testicular tumor.

Generally, gynecomastia is not a serious physical health problem. But, more oftentimes than not, gynecomastia causes a grave psychological and emotional damage. Most men who have this condition are overly sensitive and embarrassed due to the appearance of male breasts. This in turn complicates social situations and erodes the man’s overall self-confidence.

Since there are many causes of gynecomastia, the treatment differs from one person to the other. If the condition is caused by excessive weight gain or the intake of different kinds of medications, this can simply be solved by losing weight or avoiding the particular medication that has caused it.

As stated earlier, gynecomastia is usually not a serious physical illness. Therefore, the best option to cure such a condition is certainly through an effective exercise program that targets the chest area and a healthy diet. Also, since this condition causes emotional strain and psychological problems, the person who is suffering from it may want to seek counseling and support groups in order to treat the non-physical consequences of the condition.