Deconstructing the Tones of Respect and Love

You cannot force someone to respect you, is a point of view that I have heard through the years, and endorse this completely. I have also heard that people who expect too much end up getting their hopes squashed.

Using these as a basis let us deconstruct the actual tone of respect, love and not letting anyone rein on your positivity.

Since both these oft-used sentence constructs fly off the mouths of many, it is also true that you cannot expect someone to love you. Given the fact that love is a beautiful manifestation, finding solace and peace with someone who epitomizes discord is hardly the appropriate choice. It is ridiculous, when someone expects love, but does not reciprocate the feeling into action or mere words. Ergo, it can be hunky dory to be caught up in a situation but the harsh reality can be so dismal that any positive feeling is fraught with unclean thought processes.

With the beginning of a new year in our midst, it is best, in my opinion, to let negative drama out the door and herald in a positive tune. It may resonate in your thoughts, actions or just the ritual of getting by, but try you must. The point is never to let your thunder be overlapped by the trappings and the travails of a caustic or sarcastic tongue or physical nastiness.

We, as a people, have the ability to get past a positive or negative someone or thought that perpetuates in our midst. We may disconnect ourselves with music, food, talk things over with someone, and resort to excessive drinking, all just so that we can get out of the situation for a while. Sometimes it can get quite difficult to forget the hurt and settle down to bitterness that envelopes us. It is a difficult task to get along when disgruntled appearances hijack the day. If you stay away and let the person indulge in her/his vomit of negativity, you may be on the right track.

Travelling down the road to chaos and destruction is an easy route, most often guided with improper directions. When we set our thoughts and life in perspective, the deviations automatically take a back seat. The rewards, when you distance yourself from negativity, have amazing effects with cheer and happiness taking over. You need to ask yourself whether you have given someone the power over you. If that is the case, how do you move on towards being who you are meant to be now, and forever?

The bottom line is never to let your joy be overshadowed by a darkness that can creep up on you in different guises, let the Light set you free.