Debilitating Anxiety


Anxiety is both physical and mentally psychological. Physically the human body's reaction is to avoid danger. Psychologically the human mind anxiously worries. Anxiety is constant stage of tension and discomfort in search of a solution for relief. Keenly vigilantly on edge physically, mentally and emotionally.

Anxiety is obviously caused by worrying; we are taught that if we function without worry we may not be alert. However, habitually worrying to the point of illness is highly dysfunctional. Furthermore, this will stagnate your growth making you feel neurotic, without a clear mind of actual facts. It continuously clouds one's judgment and creates a vicious cycle of tremendous fear.

Anxiety develops in one's psyche, from dormant thoughts. It's a duality dis-ease of fear and courage. Intellectually going beyond fear and courage with a clear mind will provide a developmental keen sense of the world. It will guide you to accept the things you can not change.


You feel you can not breathe, heart is pounding, hear heart pulsating in your ears, mind is endlessly racing, hands and feet are numb sleeping, sweating with hot flashes, throat is closing, "I'm going to die", I 'm going crazy "thus in the mind.

Yes, I suffered with Panic Disorder for over 10 long years. These symptoms are symptoms of Panic Disorder, not of a crazy person or someone is going to die. I assure I have experience this at first hand. Anxiety, Panic Disorder is distinguished by prolonged and repeated attacks with debilitating anxiety between attacks. You begin to withdraw avoiding social encounters in fear of another attack.

An encounter with a panic attack does not mean you now have Panic Disorder, unless you experience countless times of anxiety in between. Panic attacks may last a few minutes or up to a few hours. Your body physically becomes exhausted from the emotional turmoil and restores itself to normal human behavior. It's important to feel safe in a secure atmosphere or environment, in-case depression sets in after the attack softly simmers. Furthermore, you need to be surrounded around someone who truly loves and understand you due to constant worry and fear. Unforeseen panic, leads to more panic, so stay calm. Panic can feel completely devastating with a force of doom. Panic may be managed with herbal treatment, therapy or medication.

In my experience, have a good support group system, confide in those closest to you, for you need not to worry about judgment. Many of us suffer with anxiety, if you or anyone you know suffers with any of these symptoms; help is beneficial to obtaining a normal productive healthy lifestyle. My life was a completely controlled lifestyle at one point.

My determination to overcome suffering from anxiety and panic disorder was an endless valuable journey of research, medication, herbal remedies, meditation, yoga and counseling. My journey has not ended so I can not say my anxiety and stress have completely disappeared; however, my perseverance and knowledge has intellectually given me just the medicine. Acceptance is the answer: it relieves symptoms of anxiety. I no longer fear any anxiety or panic coming upon, because I have a keen sense of exactly what is happening. Accepting this reduces what ifs: in turn, it no longer has room for growth, however, you do. Confronting your fears eliminates them, little by little. Currently I have so much control that when a thought windless in, I simply allow it, gracefully accepting it. For example: if I think I am crazy, I accept it, so what if I am crazy, many of us are, if I think I am dying, I say well if I do die I was fortunate to have lived, these techniques have brought great relief and comfort.

Anxiety symptoms are very frightening and real, do not tell someone to snap out of it, encourage and support the person suffering from panic. Imagine thinking your dying or going crazy it can be a very scary and confusing experience for someone suffering from panic. Medication may be helpful, but stagnates the problem in reality you need to talk to release anxiety; medication provides a hidden cover up illusion. Eventually it seeps out and depression set in, so take care of the situation at the root. Most important listen to your body it speaks silently, but if you do not listen watch it scream.