Death Stalks the Night


As you can imagine, when I tell people what I do for a living, it raises quite a few eyebrows.

“You mean like a Karate teacher?” most ask.

“Not quite”, I always respond with a chuckle.

“What we teach are true, documented, and proven methods of self-defense and personal protection”, I explain. “No theory, no mysticism, no B.S. Just exactly what it takes to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home.” Now some sneer at this statement and say, “That’s a job for the police”, or “Aren’t you a just a little paranoid?” That’s when I know they’re paying attention, and the lesson really begins…

Do you have the training necessary to throw the devil out of your house when he comes a knockin’? What if I told you there was a racist religious cult that were making their way house to house, murdering people on the orders of their leader? Can’t possibly happen? Can’t possibly be real? Well, about 40 years ago, that’s exactly what happened as the bloodiest of the 35+ murders committed by the followers of Charles Manson took place. A violent career criminal that played at being a religious prophet, Manson became leader of a group of fanatics whose attacks and murders were beyond brutal.

On the night of August 9, 1969, a killing crew of Manson’s followers descended on the posh Beverly Hills home of film director Roman Polanski and wife Sharon Tate. While Polanski himself was away in London making a film, his eight and half month pregnant wife was still in the house while being kept company by a number of family friends.

After cutting the phone line and killing an exiting guest, the killers moved quickly into the house. Posing as common robbers to have the startled wife and guests comply, the murderous thugs began tying everyone up in the living room. Two of the victims tried to run but all the guests were slaughtered like cattle.

Tate, begging for the life of herself and her unborn child, was shown no mercy. The police arrived the next morning to find a grizzly scene. None of these followers had any “training”. In fact, 99% of criminals, murderers, thugs, rapists, and even terrorists, only prey on those whom they feel would not fight back. This type of evil does not care about prison, consequences, or going to “hell”. However, they certainly care about getting hurt!

In fact, never once did Manson’s group ever put up a fight with police officers. Heck, big bad Charlie himself was found cowering under a sink when he was arrested. So, are you going to be a victim or are you going to fight and win?

Trust me. Crazy cults and murderous killers under orders of a strange leader did not die with the 1960’s. I mean seriously, do you even remember 9-11? When you’re dealing with a fanatic there is no bargaining, just your will to fight and live.

Moreover, you certainly cannot assume a “common” criminal only want your processions and will be content to leave once they have taken what they wanted. When someone puts a knife to your throat or points a gun towards your family there are only two choices: You can die, or you can fight.