Dealing With Insomnia

At some point in our lives many of us have had to deal with insomnia.  Curing insomnia is especially important to those that deal with bouts that last an extended period of time.  Lack of sleep can have far reaching effects on our ability to deal with our daily lives, as sleep deprivation can impact our efforts to concentrate and can lead to chronic health issues.

If you are one of those that suffer from ongoing insomnia, you know how difficult it is to be productive.  And since the problem has become so wide spread, there are more and more sleep aid products on the market claiming to be the magic pill that will give you a good night sleep.  And while many of these medications can and will help, why not try a few drug free alternatives first.

A few simple steps could go a long way in curing insomnia.  Take a look at your bedtime routine and see if a change of habit might provide you with a restful night.  See if you can force your body into a sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.  If you have a habit of reading and/or watching television in bed, this is only making your problem worse.  Your body needs to learn that bed is about sleep, so don’t get into bed until you are ready to sleep.  Soft music or the use of a white noise machine are great ways to sooth you into a restful state.

Before going to bed you should avoid exercise, alcohol and heavy foods, as these tend to stimulate the body, which is the last thing you want if you are trying to sleep.  Instead, try stretching, deep breathing or meditating for a while before going to bed.  Or have a cup of chamomile tea – caffeine free of course!   If after this, you are still unable to go to sleep, get up and don’t go back to bed again until you feel as though you could sleep.  Lying in bed tossing and turning is not conducive to training the body that this is the place to sleep.

Many don’t think of this, but what you eat and drink during the day could still have an impact on your ability to sleep at night, so make sure you limit your caffeine and alcohol intake.  Whatever time of day you drink these, they can still interrupt your sleep.

Curing insomnia likely isn’t going to happen overnight!  But with a little trial and error and some adjustments to your lifestyle, hopefully you can find relief.  If not, go see your doctor before your lack of sleep causes health issues. has articles and reviews on a variety of topics, including insomnia cures.