Dawa-Ul-Misk Motadil Jawaharwali – A Classical Unani Drug For Cardiac Arrhythmia

Dawa-ul-misk is a multi-purpose classical Unani pharmacopoeia formulation consisting of herbs, fruits, dry-fruits, minerals (kushtas) and distillates.It is used extensively in Unani (Hakimi) system of alternative medicines mostly as cardiac tonic for arrhythmia and in convalescence process (period of recovery after serious illness/surgery).

It comes in three different forms viz: Har(hot), Barid(cold) and motadail (normal) depending on its effect (taseer) produced on body. Also it has two kinds; Dawa-ul misk sada and Jawaharwali (as it contain pearls &quartz – Jawahars), later being more potent and famous.


It has a wide range of therapeutic uses; it is very useful in strengthening the brain and nervous system, improving memory and eyesight, curing migraine and sinusitis, and providing stamina and strength to the body especially after illness.

It is very effective in rectifying heart palpitation /uneasiness /arrhythmia and strengthening the circulatory system.it is also said to increases blood formation.


Anemia,General debility,Memory loss,Palpitation,Shortness of breath and weak eyesight.


Following are the major ingredients as per unani pharmacopia:

Onosma bracteatum, Embilica officinalis, Portulaca oleracea, Rosa indica, Cinnamomum officinalis, Salvia heamatodes, Doronicum hokeri, Nepta hindostana, pamellia periata,Elettaria cardamomum, Bambusa arunbinaces, Pistacia lentiscus, Berveris aristata, santalium album, Kashnees khuskh, Pterocarpus santallium, Muskh,Oyster shell,Silver foil,sugar and honey.

Word of caution: as it has expensive heavy metals and pearls in it which are treated in a special way to become fit for human use, it should be taken from good quality reputable unani drug companies or Hakims in recommended dosages only.