Dark Circles Under Your Eyes: 7 Tips to Avoid

Here are seven tips that will help you avoid having dark circles under your eyes. These same tips will help you to reverse the problem if you see it on a frequent basis. There are many causes of the problem. In essence, you are addressing the causes by using these techniques.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The darkness can be a symptom of minor sleep deprivation. Suppose you slept for only four hours last night, when you should get 6-8 hours, you will likely wake up with darkened areas and possibly bags under your eyes. Bags, however, are sometimes caused by over-sleeping. So, you should strive to get the recommended amount of sleep and keep your schedule regular. An erratic schedule can also cause the problem.

Eat for Cardiovascular Health

The components of your cardiovascular system are your heart and your blood vessels. The tiny blood vessels beneath your skin provide nourishment. If they are not healthy, they can leak plasma, waste products and other fluids.

The skin beneath the eyes is thinner than it is elsewhere on your body. If the fluid does leak out of the blood vessels, you will see dark circles under your eyes. Ultimately, the problem may be a symptom of poor cardiovascular health.

Eating to support cardiovascular health involves following a dietary plan that consists of little saturated fat and a sufficient amount of polyunsaturated fat, especially omega-3 fatty acids. Exercising regularly also supports good cardiovascular health.

Consider a Dietary Supplement

Specific nutrients are known to support blood vessel strength. You may not be getting enough of them in your diet. A good multi-nutritional supplement can help to ensure you are getting the nutrients necessary to keep your blood vessels healthy. A good supplement can also improve your general appearance. Any slight lack of an important nutrient will show up on your skin.

Apply Eye Makeup Carefully

It’s not likely that the dark circles are caused by smeared mascara. But pulling at the corners of your eyes can cause the skin to stretch beneath them. Sometimes the darkness is a slight bruise caused by less than careful makeup application or other beauty treatments.

Cleanse the Area Gently

Harsh cleansers should not be used on this area, because it is so delicate. Scrubbing, rubbing and pulling can cause the same kind of minor bruising mentioned above.

Use a Good Nighttime Moisturizer before Bed

You should always remove your makeup before bed. You should also get into the habit of applying a good nighttime moisturizer after you have finished the cleansing process. Some of the better anti-aging moisturizers contain nutrients that reduce the risk of dark circles by supporting the strength of the skin and blood vessels.

Use a Good under Eye Cream

There are dozens of different eye gels and creams on the market. If your problem is darkness beneath your eyes, you should be using a good eye cream and it should contain HALOXYL and EYELISS. HALOXYL and EYELISS are the only two ingredients that have proven to be effective for reducing and preventing dark circles under the eyes.