Dangers of the Herpes Virus

A damage of the herpes simplex virus can cause a highly infectious disease called herpes. Many people that are transmitted with herpes show no visible signs, and this is the reason why it is usually untreated because it is undetected. It is very essential to cure herpes when it is detected because it can be very contagious from one person to another even without the presence of its signs and symptoms. There are treatments that can help manage and control the results of the virus but herpes can not be cured.

A virus called Herpes Simples Virus Type 2 or HSV-2 causes genital herpes from the strain of this virus and other infections in the genital area.
On the other hand, not only HSV-2 can cause herpes virus but also HSV-1. If the virus is carried from one wound of the person having an infection in the genital area of ​​different person during oral sex, it can also cause genital. Here are different treatments that can be done for both kinds of herpes.
It is by skin-to-skin contact that herpes is transmitted. Transmission of the virus through activities like shaking hand can cause the virus to live only for a short period of time outside a person's body.

There are different kinds of skin-to-skin contact that can carry herpes. One of these is through genital to genital, mouth to genital, genital to anal, mouth to mouth, and anal to anal.

Since lots of people having herpes do not show signs and symptoms, but when these signs can be severe signs when occur they occur. He first sign of herpes is the outbreak wherein it happens for two weeks after the first contact with the herpes virus and begins with itching or pain.

In just a few day blisters or sores grow inside and around the area that is infected. The blisters can ooze, open or even bleed. If there is no treatment done, the sores and blisters will soon scab and heal. There are treatments that can quickly speed up the process of healing in other cases, if it begins earlier, it can prevent an outbreak.

If the virus caused by herpes will enter the body, it will stay there. It is greatly possible for this outbreak to transfer the virus from one person to another. Results can happen oftentimes in a year in many years ahead if there is no treatment done. The treatment of herpes by drugs that is anti viral can lessen the risk to infect another person, reduce the severity of signs and shorten or prevent the outbreak's duration. Any person having oral herpes can use treatments that are topical for the symptoms to be relieved.

Herpes that are left untreated might cause aggravation and discomfort; however there are many more harmful things that people should consider. There is a development and harsh outbreak complication to the person who has a weak immune system. Herpes that are untreated can increase the risk of the person from having the HIV or human Immunodeficiency Virus. But the rate of herpes can cause a more serious illness or complications like meningitis or encephalitis if the virus is not treated. If there is herpes while the woman is pregnant, the infant or a newborn can have blindness, brain damage or death if safety measures are not taken.