Dangers Of IPD (Invasive Pneumococcal Disease)

Being pregnant does not make a woman immune to various sicknesses like the IPD for example. Better known as Invasive Pneumococcal Disease, it ranks number one among other illnesses that rampantly attack both the old and the young. The pneumococcus, a very common strain of bacteria is the culprit.

The danger of IPD shows when the bacteria start to invade the lung, this occurrence is the most common source of the community-acquired bacterial pneumonia. Worse is, when it attacks the brain, it leads to deadly meningitis. Otitis media as well as sinusitis are other aftereffects of IPD.

Every pregnant woman should know that IPD can victimize anyone, irregardless of their race, sex and condition. Nevertheless, there are groups of people who fall on a higher risk in developing IPD. Do you want to know if you’re one of the candidates? The first thing you should know is that it is usually common among people who are 65 and older. Sufferers of sickle cell disease and those with weak immune system caused by cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, leukemia, or human immunodeficiency virus; are in great trouble too. Diabetics, alcohol-dependents, and people suffering from chronic illness such as complications to the heart, lung, and kidney; are also at risk. Most of all, those who are living on special kind of environment like Alaskan Natives and American Indian are more prone as well.

Seeing the danger given by IPD, the very instance a pregnant woman suffers from the condition, immediate attention is required. On normal cases, treatment involves the use of penicillin, although some doctor may choose other routine for medication since the case of every pregnant woman is delicate and unique. And given the fact that antibiotics are highly resistant to the disease, longer hospitalization may be required.

IPD can only be prevented through the vaccine. If you wish to get one, you’ll be overwhelmed that there are actually two choices; the polysaccharide vaccine and the conjugate vaccine. The first one is basically for adult-use while the second kind is for children.

Keep in mind however that not everyone can get the vaccine. If you have previous allergic reaction to the Pneumococcal vaccine then further vaccination should be avoided. People undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy are also prohibited from getting the shot.

Pregnant women suffering from IPD are highly at risk since it can create added infection to the unborn baby. Plus, women are placed on double trouble given that their body is trying hard to fight the angst given by the ailment while at the same time the body is trying to support the growing stomach. So you could be sure, simply confined yourself at your home as to evade yourself from catching the disease. Doing this can also give expectant mothers the chance to rest and to better prepare for the coming of their precious bundle of joy. Take care of your health because after all, it is you who would design the what kind of life your child will live.