Danger Ahead – Sleep Deprivation and Insomnia Side Effects

People are sleeping less and less these days. Whether by choice or just because they can’t get to sleep at night, people are staying up until the wee hours of the morning instead of going to bed. Sometimes they stay up all night without sleeping at all. It’s common to think getting ahead by giving up a few hours sleep and there’s no real harm in doing so. However, sleep deprivation and insomnia side effects can be hazardous to your own health and safety as well as that of others.

One of the justifications people use for sleeping less is that it’s more efficient. In other words, they feel that by sleeping less they can get more done each day with the extra hours they have. The problem is, when your body doesn’t get enough sleep it’s tough to be awake and alert the next morning.

You’ve probably experienced a lazy, groggy day before, most of us have. You know those days were you wake up at 7 am but don’t feel fully awake until lunch time? Staying up late on a regular basis will result in that being your reality day after day. It’s not a great way to live and it’s not nearly as efficient as you might thin.

Mood, Memory And Concentration Suffer When You’re Sleep Deprived

Lacking enough good quality sleep can have a negative effect on your mood, memory and concentration. You’re more likely to forget meetings or important things others have said to you. All of those extra hours don’t mean much if you’re making more mistakes and taking longer to accomplish the things you need to do.

There are many other real dangers associated with sleep deprivation. Here are a few of the insomnia-related side effects you could experience:

Illness – A lack of sleep lowers your immune system’s ability to operate properly and keep you healthy so coming down with the cold or flu is common when you’re not well-rested. When you don’t sleep enough you’re also more likely to suffer from headaches, stomach aches and dizziness.

Hallucinations – Although a more extreme side effect of insomnia, your mind may play tricks on you if you’re severely sleep deprived.

Accidents – You’re more prone to accidents when you’re tired. Tripping and falling down is more likely and could result in broken bones or bruises. You are also more likely to get into a car accident which could be devastating to you and anyone else who’s around.

If you suffer from insomnia or regularly short-change yourself on sleep to make more time for other things, it’s time to rethink what’s going on. Sleep deprivation and insomnia side effects can be a real threat to your health, well-being and safety. And worst of all, others are put at risk too.