Dan Kennedy's Depression-Proofing Secret

LaTely, I've been thinking a lot about the LAST recession.

It was the 2002 fiasco that followed 9/11, and I had just subscribed to Dan Kennedy's "NO BS Marketing Newsletter" at the time. And in my first issue, I learned something that changed my entire life.

In fact, this particular lesson has been my constant companion. A "friend" that's guided me through some pretty scary times. And has kept me out of a LOT of trouble.

Anyway, what was the lesson?

The life-or-death importance of having the ability to produce .

The idea is that, if you cultivate your ability to produce, you will never have to worry about money. Never have lasting financial anxieties. And that you will, in fact, be part of a VERY small group who makes things happen – even if you have to drag the rest of the economy along with you to success.

It was (and still is) extremely inspiring to think about it.

And it was then when I really got SERIOUS about learning to sell.

I started writing out ads in my own hand every day – regardless of how boring the task, or how tired I was.
I made it a habit to read and re-read (at LEAST 10 times) high ticket products I bought.
And, even more importantly, I stopped worried so much.

Because I just KNEW that by developing my ability to produce (in my case, to sell) everything would come out okay in the wash.

Yes, things would be bumpy and I had setbacks.

But I knew everything would take care of itself in the end.

And guess what?

Now that we're hip deep in an even WORSE recession, I got this bug to pass this life-changing lesson on to you.

To reassure you that, no matter how "hairy" things get, if you hone your ability to produce, you have nothing to worry about.

Your ability to produce is the most valuable skill you can have.

The ultimate asset and investment.

Treat it like a proverbial "money tree" – water it, care for it, and let it GROW – and you'll inoculate yourself (like a vaccine) against all the poop about to hit the fan.