DAN! (Defeat Autism Now)


In 1995, a group of thirty scientists and physicians were selected to try to get together and defeat autism. These forward thinking researchers were chosen due to their experience working with autism and hailed from the United States and Europe. Not satisfied with the available treatments for autism, this meeting of the minds was created to embark on a new pathway to understanding autism and finding different ways to treat it. Today the group still meets to share what they have discovered and further our understanding of autism.

It took them a year but the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) conference produced some sterling results. What they were able to come up with was a 244-page manual entitled Biomedical Assessment Options for Children with Autism and Related Problems. This manual was a progressive and cutting-edge approach to the treatment of autism and did not rely on using various drugs to treat autism. It was a more holistic approach that involved various components including diet, intestinal function, vitamin deficiencies, excess proteins, viruses, vaccinations, antibiotics, probiotics, amino acids, and more. Nearly every possible angle was researched in order to come up with the answers that had been obscured by conventional treatment for so long.

Autism is not a well-understood condition. According to research it is a biological disorder that affects the brain. However, the causes of the disorder are not fully understood. There appears to be a variety of causes that are in someway related. Autism usually has a strong effect on social functioning. Cases can range from mild to severe and over the years more and more autistic people, children especially, have been able to attend school in regular classes and thrive in such environments.

DAN! was created in order to address the limitations of available treatments and the understanding of the disorder. The participants wanted to move away from traditional thinking and invent their own paradigm. It seems to have worked! If this approach to the treatment of autism interests you, then you can find out information about how to contact a DAN! practitioner quite easily. The first step is to visit [http://www.autismwebsite] for information on DAN! and access to scientifically-researched information on autism. Within the website you will find tons of resources that will give you a better understanding on the mechanizations of autism. There are also a variety of scientific papers and studies that you can review. In addition, there are helpful links to detailed lists of DAN! practitioners in the United States and around the world. There are not just thirty anymore! Since the revelations from the DAN! conference have become public more and more medical professionals around the world have adopted the suggestions the original doctors and scientists discovered.

Not every DAN! practitioner is a medical doctor, although the lion’s share are physicians. However, since the treatments are fairly new there is no information about the competency of the DAN! practitioners. In the future this may become a reality, but the best way to go about finding a DAN! practitioner near you is to do your own research. Ask around. Read up on the topic. This is an important step in helping a loved one with autism and your own education on the topic should come first and foremost. The list of DAN! practitioners can be found at [http://www.autismwebsite.com/ari/dan/dan.htm].

If you want to find out more information about DAN! don’t fret. There are a ton of resources on the web that discuss the effectiveness of DAN! and how to go about finding someone who understands the group’s findings and can help you apply it to your loved one. You can find personal stories and testimonials, journalistic articles, and many other resources that stand as a testament to DAN!