Daily Vitamins You Should Take

In this day and age, most people do not get the full amount of nutrients that they should from food alone. Our diets are full of chemicals and other things that can suppress our immune systems. Luckily, there are many vitamins available to make up for our nutritional deficit. Taking a few daily vitamins can improve your health and your appearance for little time and money.

Nutritionally, you are probably lacking. Much of the food today does not include everything it should. Nutrition has been replaced with flavor, additives and other chemical compounds that do not do our immune system any good. Beyond that, even if you eat healthfully, you may not be getting the right amount of everything that you need or you may not be able to absorb it.

One of the best vitamins there is is Vitamin C. This vitamin helps boost the immune system and keeps your body working in the way that it should. Most people could take 1000mg a day and be fine. The secret is not to take it in one dose. The body rids itself of the vitamin C supplement every time you use the restroom. So first, take it in 250mg-500mg doses. Secondly, in order for you to absorb the vitamin C you will need to take a B-Complex vitamin. The body doesn’t always have everything essential for optimum absorption, so the B-Complex will help with this.

Another good one to take is Calcium. Our food doesn’t have a lot of Calcium in it and it is essential for the bones. Calcium also keeps nails and hair healthy, which is an added perk. This also needs to be taken with a B-Complex in order for your body to absorb it.

Another thing to consider taking on a daily basis is an Omega-3 or DHA supplement. These can be found in fish-oil caplets. These things are responsible for heart health, brain development and memory. They make day-to-day activities easier to accomplish and keep your overall health where it should be.

Many multi-vitamins have everything you need in them. There are multivitamins divided into categories for age and gender and these are typically tailored to that specific group’s needs. However, with these multivitamins, be aware of what is in them. Again, the body cannot necessarily absorb everything that is put into it. This is why in addition to a multi-vitamin, the C and B should be taken as well.

If you have any questions, many health stores will be able to help you. However, be careful because their ultimate job is to make a sale. Most colleges offer entry-level nutrition courses and you can also ask your doctor. Your doctor will have a better idea of what is best for you because he or she will have your personal medical history in mind and can make personal recommendations.

All in all, remember that we should be getting our nutrients from foods. Therefore, even if you take supplements, it is important to have a well-balanced diet so that you can operate the way it should. Daily vitamins will help you reach the ideal level of nutrients and will have you feeling your best.