Daily Complete Vitamins


Daily vitamins are designed to help our bodies perform important functions. Whatever lifestyle you are engage in, diet and exercise are needed in order to function well and to stay in good health.

Vitamins offer a lot of benefits. The most popular are:

1) slows the aging process

2.) offers additional strength of the immune system and

3.) increases the total energy.

This article will make it easier for the readers by making it a guide for them to know the daily complete vitamins that are designed especially for them.

For Men

Vitamin B formula such as B6, B12 and the like, increase the energy levels. This is the most common ingredient in any supplement that are made for men. Most of the multivitamins for men has Biotin. This assists in decreasing the occurrence of hair loss. It also contains Folic Acid. This is responsible for the generation of a new set of cells in the person’s body.

Other vitamins which men require are magnesium, chromium, selenium, zinc and calcium. Once they have obtained these, then they will have a stronger defense mechanism. There are vitamin formulas other there in the market which also provide a wide range of vitamins, specifically Vitamins C, E and Beta-Carotene.

Remember that prostate cancer is a killer in the United States and the other parts of the western world. This is quite popular to American Men. Therefore, a consideration in vitamin intake must put this into account. Daily vitamins targeted for men should also include those that protects the prostate like saw palmetto, lycopene and beta sitoserol.

For Women

Most American women do not take enough Vitamin D and Calcium. This puts them in a bigger risk of losing their bones later on in their lives. Therefore, most daily complete vitamins for women are customized to provide them with boosters of Vitamin D and Calcium. Some even have a combination of these two.

Other minerals such as Vitamin A and magnesium assist in strengthening the bones. These are offered in complete vitamins for the women.

Vitamins for Women should also include Vitamins B6, B12, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium and Folic Acid in order to develop their reproductive systems. These mentioned nutrients also has antioxidants (particularly Vitamins A, E and C) which decrease the radicals in the system. To put it in layman terms, it helps lessen the signs of skin aging.

For Elderly

Elder people must have more attention on their nutrition compared to the young or the middle-aged. Vitamin supplements are targeted for the elderly and these include the nutrients that are common in both men and women.

Particularly, it has additional elements called Zeaxanthin and Lutein. These assist the elderly in regulating their eyes and also in battling the degeneration of the macular system. This is quite common to the elderly.

For Children

It is the children who need vitamins most of all. This is because they are growing and the nutrients they take are quite crucial to the development of their systems.

Complete daily vitamins for children must include the following: Calcium for healthy bones and healthy teeth, functioning of the nerves and the muscles; Vitamin C for the maintenance and development of their immune system and tissues; Omega 3 acids for the functioning of the nervous system and the brain. Fiber is also important for bowel movements and to clean out the digestive system.