Cyst Treatment – Cure Cysts on Your Ovaries Naturally

Ovarian  cysts  are usually very easily treated if the size of the  cyst  is not very large. The  cyst  treatment should be treated as soon as the  cyst  is detected because if it is allowed to grow then there are chances that the  cyst  will have affects on the woman’s ability to reproduce, thus an ovarian  cyst  must not be taken lightly. Once the  cyst  has been detected its size determines what kind of procedure must be used to treat it. Thus the first step should be to consult your doctor and figure out as to what process  cyst  treatment would be the best in order to cure it.  Cysts  that are small in size do not need surgery and can be treated by simpler methods, however if the  cyst  is large in size then surgery is required.

Simple  cyst  treatment methods such as the use of chamomile herbal tea which helps soothe the ovarian pain or a hot water bath can be taken to relieve the pain. A hot water bottle can be placed on the area where the ovaries are located i.e. the lower abdomen this will help to relax the muscles and make the pain better. Pain killer can be taken and also hormonal contraceptives. These have hormones that make sure that the follicles that cause  cysts  don’t develop. Removing caffeine from ones diet and cutting down on drinking is also helpful in disintegrating the  cyst . Constipation can be avoided as it causes pelvic pain which must be avoided. Not stopping the urge to go to urinate and not stressing the abdominal area too much are steps that can be taken to remove the  cyst .

Birth pills are often advised by doctors upon the detection of an ovarian  cyst  for  cyst  treatment. These have no side effects and help remove the  cyst . However if none of these methods work and the  cyst  size does not decrease then surgery is the only option that remains. Surgery is done by two methods Keyhole Method and Open surgery. It takes 35-40 minutes and an overnight stay at the hospital is often required.

Before opting for any method learn about it and make sure you discuss it with your doctor for the best  cyst  treatment. After doing this follow the method and make sure you take regular ultra sounds so that the size of the  cyst  can be monitored!