Cyst on Ovaries – Cyst Ovaries Signs

Cyst on Ovaries are a problem that women all over the world face. It is perhaps the most common problem of the female reproductive system. They usually develop during the time a woman is pregnant or during the time she gets her monthly period. A cyst on ovaries may be defined as a collection of fluids enclosed by a thin wall; the structure is similar to small balloons. These cysts are not a very big problem if they are detected at the right time. In fact new simpler methods have been discovered and these can be cured without the usage of any medicine or surgery.

Ovarian cysts are large and small in size. They are often formed after the monthly period. These are the most common kind of cysts. They are known as Graffian Follicle cysts and Corpus Luteum Cysts these usually disintegrate themselves after three to four months of their formation. They are formed due to some problem that occurred during the menstrual cycle, that caused fluid to fill up an ovarian follicle. More sever kinds of cysts include Hemorhaggic Cysts, Dermoid, Endometrial and Pathological cysts, these cause blood clotting and may even be cancerous. The only possible solution for them is mostly surgery.

There are various symptoms that indicate the presence of these cyst on ovaries. For example the sufferer may have agonizing back aches and cramps in their stomach. Also these pains are very similar to those of the period pain this most women dismiss them as period pain. Irregular menstrual cycle and odd blood flow during periods is another symptom of ovarian cysts. Like mentioned before, there are many methods that have been devised and created in order to counter this problem.

New techniques that involve simple amendments in ones diet and elimination of some eating items are very effective and have benefitted many women all over the world. The usage of birth pills and hormonal contraceptives has also been used and is said to be a good way to combat these cysts. Surgery is another way which is used mostly in drastic cases and the last way is to get the ovaries removed from cyst on ovaries, this however is done only when there is no other alternative left.