Cutting and Burning Your Body Makes You Feel Worse

You are a mutilated creature, a poor victim of depression and the absurd tendency of self-abuse. This image can only make you feel worse and what is actually happening to you is really bad, since craziness invades your human conscience when you are dominated by the absurd tendency of self-abuse.

Don’t you think you should do something to stop being a victim of depression and craziness?

This is sick, sad and becomes an addiction. You have to get rid of this absurd tendency and save the world, save your life, help humanity find peace and happiness, develop your personality, be happy and live doing the things you like, the things that will give you joy and satisfaction.

Of course you are desperate and far from living the way you want. Nothing is the way you like… nothing seems to change and become better in the future. You feel alone and trapped…

The unique solution for you is resistance. If you cannot build it yourself, ask for help.

You have to be a hero and bear life the way it is. If things here are so bad and everything is so difficult, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing good in this world and you are condemned to only suffer while you live.

You must correct what is wrong and transform everything according to what will be good for you and your social environment. Don’t let the sad examples and the bad influences destroy your personality and prevent you from living a worthy life, building and creating instead of destroying everything with your violent behavior.

The violence against you is also violence against the society where you belong. Violence against violence you could say, because you are only reflecting what you see.

However, you have to be different and transform what is horrible into something good, forgive everyone for their sins, forgive yourself also for your mistakes.

The human being is an absurd animal. Always have this truth in mind and try to always be humane with everyone. Try to differentiate yourself from the people you condemn and dislike.

Face the absurd tendency and put an end to its domination. Face life with courage and put an end to your depression. Be a hero for yourself and for the world.