Customer Service – Secrets to Gain Repeat Business

Keeping in touch with your existing customers is an important part of a successful business. Utilizing this technique is often overlooked and if you are not implementing it, you are losing money.

One of the keys to providing superior customer service is communication. If you do not already have a database of all of your existing customers, that is the first place you start.

After working for a property management company with over 500 clients, I was surprised to learn the boss never created a database. What a huge mistake!

You do not need a fancy program to stay in constant communication with your customers. If you do not have email addresses for your customers, but you do have physical mailing addresses, take advantage of providing excellent customer service by sending your customers a thank you note after they purchase your product or service. Microsoft Word and similar word processing programs have a feature that allows you to create a database with little knowledge of word processing programs. In MS Word, go to tools, then click on letters and mailings. This feature is easy to use and it is important for you to take the time to familiarize yourself with this or a similar mail merge program.

Most of your customers probably have an email address. That makes your desire to capitalize on repeat business easier. If you are using MS Outlook for your mail program, you can create a group to send out emails to a number of people at the same time. Take the time to learn how to use an email program that has the capability of sending out group emails.

Let’s take the email campaign one step further and talk about automated email services. If you are not already utilizing an automated email service, you need to seriously consider it. Why? Because you can create a list of your customers, write one email, and with a few clicks of the mouse, send an email to all of your customers. The beauty of an automated email program is an email can be automatically sent to your customers after they purchase your product or service. Are your competitors utilizing this automated feature? If not, you will stand apart from your competition. Another advantage of using an automated email program is when you have a new product or service ready to be released, you can send an email to your subscribers, offering them a discount if they purchase it early – before it is released to the public. There is a lot of money to be made from your existing customers. If you are not implementing a constant contact system, you are losing money.

Remember, make the customer feel special. Stay in touch and you will reap the rewards.