Custom Shoes – For the Problematic Feet

There are a lot of foot problems that can make life difficult for people, which is why custom shoes are so useful. Given the busy schedules and the amount of multitasking everyone does in their day to day life, missing a single day’s action whether it is at office or even for a housewife at home, could be very difficult. In such scenarios, trouble from problematic feet, be it through bunions or big toe pain, could be a major hindrance to movement and even effect your ability to complete daily tasks.

Why Custom Shoes?

Common issues include sore or infected feet, acute pain in the legs, foot problems arising due to diabetes, problems related to the arch or gradual heel pain, swelling of the bursa, bunions or Athlete’s foot. Each of these problems could be painful and if work doesn’t go away, custom shoes provide a great relief to reduce the discomfort while walking. Custom designed shoes with orthopedic considerations are helpful for those who have to walk a fair bit, stand around or even just to go out for an hour or two.

Attributes of Custom Shoes

There are a wide variety of custom shoes available for the problematic feet. In fact, custom shoes for foot problems are not just for the old people but also for the young working people who are very fashion conscious. These comfortable custom shoes are stylish and provide a balanced posture with a steady heel to the user. Custom shoes are also designed with toe boxes for comfort for the toes especially when users are suffering from big toe pain, due to constant pressure on the toes from the stylish shoes with tapering toe ends. Interestingly, these custom shoes are comfortable not only due to their design but also because they come with removable footpads which provide extra padding and comfort for the heels and the arch of the person suffering with pain in the feet due to various reasons.

Techniques Used

Custom shoes are made of fine quality materials including uppers which are sometimes made of highly comfortable calf skin. What makes these custom shoes special is the fact that they are specifically designed using the perfect blend of sophisticated techniques and traditional methods to ensure that the design is inch-perfect for the person suffering from foot problems. In fact, in most scenarios, custom or bespoke shoes are manufactured by making a three dimensional mold from the shape of the foot. Hence, shoes are not about the traditional two dimensional measurements anymore. Custom made shoes with a straight last are good for people who overpronate; the shoes with a semi-curved last are specially for those who have neutral feet and another curved last for people who have highly rigid arches.

Uniqueness of Custom Shoes

There are some shoe manufacturers, who are so diligent and pay so much attention to the details that they take a tracing of the foot along with various measurements of the foot in different directions. They manufacture shoes which not only support the feet perfectly but also provide great comfort and relief for those suffering from Morton’s toe, bunions or corns and still have to walk or stand. Custom designed shoes do as you would expect – fit like a glove, perfectly on the feet. Such shoes are also of great help for those with big toe pain or bunions and have trouble finding the right shoe that doesn’t trouble or aggravate their pain in the toes, heel or arch even more. One can also go online to find bespoke shoes where you can actually try out different sizes and dimensions, to find out what suits you best, especially when your feet are not average or ordinary. Some of these handcrafted custom shoes are designed beautifully to ensure external beauty and internal comfort at the same time.