Current Treatment Of Abdominal Hernias

Hernias tend to enlarge in time and a quick medical consult could in some cases exempt the patients from surgery. But many persons with typical symptoms of hernia choose to wear a truss bandage instead of seeking professional help. The truss assembles a belt and supports the abdominal wall keeping the hernia from protruding. Hernias are caused by heavy lifting and high physical stress on the abdomen so all patients refusing surgery must consider avoiding strenuous activities.

In time, worse symptoms like nausea, vomiting and continuous pain appear and the hernial bag can not be pushed back into the abdomen anymore. The patient is now forced to seek medical help and requires emergency operation.

The intra operator procedure in case of hernias is pushing the content back into the abdominal cavity, sewing the adjacent muscle and sometimes adding a nylon support material over the abdominal lining. Such supplementary materials are needed when the hernia is old, the abdominal wall is weakened or in case of elderly persons.

If patients with severe hernia symptoms do not seek immediate medical help, severe even life threatening complications may occur. In cases when the hernial content is an intestinal strain, the intervention becomes an emergency due to the existing danger. The trapped bowel fragment will cause an intestinal obstruction with potentially lethal damages to the entire body. A prompt surgery is most important as to prevent the stopping in the blood supply of the intestines. The involved bowel fragment could actually die.

In case of hiatus hernias, surgical operations are only performed in very severe situations. The common treatment is changing the eating, drinking and life schedule: patients should avoid lying down after meals, eat small and frequent meals, avoid alcohol and spicy foods, stop smoking and enhance many fibers in their diet.

Hiatus hernia's symptoms can also be relieved by medication. Antacids neutralize the gastric acid and lower heartburns. Other assembling products decrease the acid production or some medicines even increase the efficiency of the esophageal muscles. When the stomach is rapidly emptied, the risk of heartburn is reduced.

Homeopathic medicine recommends products like Deglycyrrhizinated licorice for its action of reducing the effect of gastric acids.

Alternative medicine shows the benefits of visceral manipulation meaning restoring the stomach on its normal position.

About 85% of the hiatus hernias are successfully controlled with diet changes and medication. All abdominal hernias have a 10% rate of recurrence.

To avoid developing an abdominal hernia, do not lift heavy objects, keep your body weight under control and take moderate physical exercises.