Curing A Mental Illness With Safety

We tend to separate those who are considered to be serious from those who are considered to be irresponsible, but the truth is that everyone is far from having a serious behavior based on dignity. Human beings are immoral actors. You would be surprised with what you would discover if you could learn many hidden details about other people’s behavior when they are alone, or when they are with those who depend on them.

After discovering the anti-conscience, which is our wild conscience, I understood that evilness generates absurdity because evilness disrespects physical laws and moral principles. We acquire a severe mental illness when we accept the evil and absurd suggestions of our anti-conscience.

A conscience must be well-organized and respect many rules in order to be logical. When it disrespects the laws of the Universe because it has evil desires, it becomes absurd. This is how a mental disorder begins.

We are absurd because we already inherit many evil and absurd tendencies from birth. Even those who seem to be logical and serious have their moments of absurdity. Everyone must follow dream therapy to find sound mental health based on divine guidance. The psychotherapy of the divine unconscious mind is based on goodness.

Only goodness can guarantee an individual’s mental stability. This is a big irony for our indifferent and selfish population. Nobody could imagine that goodness could be essential for the maintenance of our mental health.

Many people believe that absurdity doesn’t depend on the person’s personality, but now we know that absurdity is generated by evilness. Therefore, we can understand the importance of goodness. Goodness is an antidote against evilness and absurdity.

Selfish people tend to acquire severe mental illnesses because they are controlled by their anti-conscience. A human being must be generous and humble in order to be mentally healthy.

My work relates science to religion, besides relating various different scientific fields. Now you have a global vision of your reality. You can also understand the real meaning of spirituality.

The divine unconscious mind shows you in your dreams how you can become a perfect human being, and completely eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience forever. This means that God shows you how to eliminate your satanic animal nature and evolve, so that you may become a sensitive human being.

You have to eliminate your evil side by understanding its mistakes and condemning its suggestions. This is a difficult matter because when you fight absurdity this means that you fight absurd thoughts.

Absurd thoughts are negative thoughts based on selfishness that intend to mislead your ego. They confuse your reasoning system, and your conscience becomes disorganized. In this situation, you lose consciousness because you stop understanding the meaning of your actions.

You should be prudent and follow dream therapy before having serious mental health problems. Now you know the dangers that are threatening your mental health and your happiness.

You can be cured even from a severe mental illness through dream therapy, but it takes time. You have to look for psychotherapy while you are only depressed or neurotic. If you will disregard the first signs of a mental disorder, you can become psychotic or schizophrenic, or you may have to deal with various unbearable symptoms.

If you already are in this situation, you should be serious and precisely follow the unconscious guidance in your dreams, so that your anti-conscience may stop ruining your conscience. Only through dream translation can you eliminate the root cause of your mental disorder, and recuperate your human conscience.

Average psychiatrists are not able to cure mental illness. Many people ignore the power of dream therapy, and this is why they are victims of today’s psychiatry, which is based on suppositions about the functioning of the human brain. Dream therapy is a safe and natural treatment without dangerous medications that destroy your immune system.

The unconscious mind provides you with psychotherapy based on sanctity and wisdom in your own dreams. You understand how to get out of the labyrinth of craziness and find balance.

God is a persistent and patient psychotherapist. You have numerous dreams about the same topics until you will understand your mistakes, and stop making them.

You tend to make numerous mistakes only because your conscience is deficient, since it works based on one psychological function and a half. Through dream therapy you learn how to develop your four psychological functions (thoughts, feelings, sensations, intuition) and have a wise attitude. You become introverted and extroverted at the same time.

This means that you become a genius. I’m not exaggerating. You are not using the biggest part of your brain power because it belongs to your anti-conscience. You, the conscious human being existent into you human conscience must fight the absurdity of your evil side and obey the divine guidance, which is based on sanctity. This is how you will develop your conscience.

Dream therapy is a miraculous treatment because God knows what you need to learn in order to find sound mental health. Your dreams are not produced by chance. You have exactly the guidance you need.

If you have simple psychological problems you will be helped faster. Don’t let you anti-conscience have advantages. Your human conscience must be developed through consciousness, before your anti-conscience will manage to destroy a big portion of your conscience with its poisonous ideas.