Cures For Angular Cheilitis – Natural Remedies


Have you ever suffered from Angular Cheilitis? If you have you would not be alone as many people suffer from this achy unsightly condition which appears on the sides of one’s mouth. It is often caused by a build up of saliva on the sides of the mouth. This warm moisture is the ideal breeding place for bacteria and fungus. Thankfully this condition can be cured in many different ways and also very quickly if the correct treatment is sort. You can either treat it the medicinal way or the herbal way. Most people these days, treat these conditions with some sort of medication which they source from the pharmacy.

If Cheilitis is treated immediately the symptoms can disappear within a couple of days. But if left untreated the skin can crack and bleed and an ugly crust will start forming. This is very painful, and also very embarrassing. Many people are not aware that there are many home remedies which are very effective in the treatment of angular cheilitis.

The standard orthodox cure for Angular Cheilitis is to apply a topical steroid cream or an anti fungal cream and it should kill the bacteria within a few couple of days. But as I have mentioned before there are home cures for Cheilitis which are very effective in clearing this condition.

Attention to diet:

There can be a few dietary causes of this condition. If the cause behind the Cheilitis is an yeast infection called Candida Albicans, then adhering to a strict diet which omits anything made with yeast, will clear the condition. By drinking lots of water you can keep the skin hydrated which helps the healing process. A vitamin B deficiency has also been found to be the cause in some cases of Angular Cheilitis. So it would be a good idea to start taking the supplement, as part of a treatment even if you are not sure whether you are vitamin B deficient.

Dietary changes is one natural way of curing Angular Cheilitis. Another easy way is to simply let the area dry out naturally, denying moisture starves the bacteria and fungus. Homemade topical remedies can be made by either making a healing self with Vaseline and tea tree oil. The tea tree oil is a natural anti bacterial oil and will effectively kill off all bacteria and fungus. Another way is by dabbing sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) onto the affected area. This has great results as a natural cure for Angular Cheilitis. Rubbing olive oil on the lips, also moisturises and kills off any bacteria that could be lurking around the mouth area. Sometimes dentures which do not fit properly can be the cause of excess saliva around the sides of the mouth so be sure to disinfect your dentures by putting them in a solution of water and household bleach.

The cures for angular cheilitis are many both natural and medicinal, and the way each person responds to treatment is different. So choose whichever way works best for you. However before going to the pharmacy, open up your kitchen cabinets to see what you have at hand to naturally cure angular cheilitis. And watch those painful unsightly sores disappear.