Cure Your Dry Skin Rash

If you are lacking in certain nutrients or are undernourished you are more often than not likely to become more prone to skin disease. We in the West are overfed on junk food and undernourished. We eat far too much salt, sugar, animal fats, processed foods and junk foods.

We also take in non-nutrient substances such as pesticides, preservatives and colorings.

So it is logical that to cure your eczema or dry skin rash you eat a healthy diet which will strengthen your skin, your immune system and your vital organs and dramatically reduce your food sensitivity in general, and eliminate specific food allergies in particular.

Typical Rashes

Rash in short: is an acute and widespread temporary reddish eruption on the skin. A rash can develop in individuals that are sensitive to a particular drug, prescription or nonprescription. The rashes are characterized by itching of an intensity that can interfere with sleep or normal activities. The rash results from the entire body reacting to the drug itself and usually develops early in treatment rather than after the drug has been taken for a period of time.

Rash is a change in the skin which affects its appearance and or texture. Most often a rash is localised to one part of the body, but other times it can have an affect on the entire body. Rashes can cause the skin to change color, become bumpy, dry, and itchy, and swell among other things that can result in a lot of pain. Because of the wide array of rash symptoms treatments also vary widely.

Rash Guards

Quality rash guards are used for outdoor activities such as:

– surfing

– swimming

– grappling

– snorkeling

Rash guards are a practical and economical safeguard against the sun. UV rays cause sunburn. Sun damage accumulates over time. Extended sun exposure without protection may result in premature aging and even skin cancer. In addition to sunscreen, sun protection clothing such as rash guards are highly recommended by dermatologists to deter the damaging effects of the sun!

Sports rash guards protect the skin from sun burn and sun damage caused by harmful UV rays. This type of sun protection clothing is made for men, women, and children. There are even toddler rash guards available for purchase these days.

Treatment and Prevention

So here are six important steps you can take immediately to help your body fight off eczema and dry skin rash:

1 – To Eliminate Dry Skin Rash; Cut down on the amount of animal fat that you eat. Animal fat can be found in foods such as cheese and meat.

2 – To Eliminate Dry Skin Rash; dramatically increase the amount of raw foods you eat. Say anywhere between 50-75%.

3 – To Eliminate Dry Skin Rash; Avoid all junk or heavily processed foods.

4 – To Eliminate Dry Skin Rash; Reduce the amount of sugar and alcohol you consume.

5 – To Eliminate Dry Skin Rash; Increase the amount of vegetable oils and oily fish.

6 – To Eliminate Dry Skin Rash; Take regular supplements of Evening Primrose oil,
Fish Oils, Vitamin A, B and E, Zinc, Selenium and Magnesium.