Cure Male Thrush! – Signs and Symptoms That May Mean a Need to Cure Male Thrush!

Cure male thrush? Really?

Well yes, it certainly is a case of ‘really’! Although the female form of thrush infection (also called yeast infection or yeast overgrowth) is well known, many people are quite surprised to learn that males also suffer from yeast infection in embarrassing places! The body of this article will address the subject of yeast infection in males, and what really can be done to cure male thrush.

Get a diagnosis before starting to cure male thrush.

Firstly, before we go talking about natural therapies for yeast infection it is very important that the diagnosis of yeast infection is correct. One of the silliest things a man can do is not have male thrush diagnosed. Male yeast infection can often be confused with several other diseases, especially when it manifests on or around the penis. However, once the diagnosis of yeast infection is medically confirmed there are many natural therapies that can help cure male thrush infection quickly.

One important piece of information people are often surprised to learn about thrush is that the organism that causes the overgrowth usually lives in colonies in our bodies anyway. It is when the balancing mechanisms of the body become overwhelmed that the yeast organism (its scientific name is Candida Albicans) overgrows and becomes a problem. In men, often a delay in seeking a treatment to cure male thrush occurs due to the embarrassment of discussing their symptoms. For this reason I will list the common signs of male thrush next.

Symptoms that could mean you need a natural therapy to cure male thrush.

Specific symptoms that may indicate that a natural therapy to cure male thrush is required my involve:

1. Itchy, patchy red areas on the foreskin or head of the penis

2. Red spots on the head of the penis and pain on passing urine

3. Penile discharge and/or cottage cheese like discharge under the skin

4. Unexplained skin rashes, especially under the arm pits and scrotum

5. The fungus can infect nails making them discoursed raised and scaly. Yeast can also cause Athletes foot.

6. Intestinal thrush causes unexplained digestive problems such as bloating and digestive pain

7. Oral thrush is symptoms include a white, thickly coated tongue

Treatments used to cure male thrush.

Once yeast infection is diagnosed and a treatment to cure male thrush is indicated there are two main treatment pathways that can be taken.

The first involves the use of anti-fungal drugs and creams, but although these relieve the symptoms of yeast overgrowth, natural therapists would argue that they are not getting at the root cause of the condition. They also point out that a yeast treatment using anti-fungals can lead to toxic side effects and sometimes cause the fungus to become resistant to subsequent attempts to use them to obtain a male yeast cure.

Certainly, in cases where the yeast infection occurs repeatedly or is systemic (such as the rashes and digestive overgrowths mentioned above), natural therapists would argue that taking a natural approach to cure male thrush is an excellent option. Indeed, natural therapies can effectively cure male thrush symptoms within twelve hours of treatment.

Natural treatments to cure male thrush do not stop at relieving the symptoms though. As in the natural treatments used to treat female yeast infection, the treatment to cure male thrush will also seek out the cause of the yeast overgrowth in the first place. Factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress levels , medications and allergies are just some of the areas that will be closely investigated with a natural treatment.