Cure Kidney Stones After Surgery


It is a well known fact that even after the kidney stones surgery, there are many patients who again suffer from this particular problem within 5 years. Therefore, to avoid this problem in future, you should follow some preventive measures. Doctors always advices that all the patients must have urine output of 2 liters especially those who suffer from stone disease. Therefore, a person should take fluid about 3 liters per day. This rule becomes more important if the climate or a person's occupation involves too much sweating. Sufficient measures should be followed to correct the cause which leads to formation of the stone. A person should avoid the foods having vitamin D and should reduce the intake of milk.

You should reduce the content of calcium until the quantity is very high. Reduction of calcium may lead to weakened the bones. The excretion of Citrate is increased by the daily intake of potassium bicarbonate and potassium nitrate. In an alternate way, lemon can also be considered as a good dietary source. Diseases known as the Hypokalaemia can be prevented as it in turns lead to a reduction in the excretion of citrate. After the kidney stones surgery, the patient should avoid the foods and liquids that are rich in salt like tomatoes, strawberries, tea, chocolate etc. People who have passed many uric acids get benefits from allopurinol, if taken daily at a quantity of 100- 300 mg which depends on the renal function.

The calculi which contains phosphate are formed in the alkaline urine, so acidifying it by giving ammonium chloride can be really effective. As a contrast, the stones named as the urate and cystine stones can be prevented or can also be dissolved by giving a perfect amount of sodium bicarbonate which makes the urine alkaline and also makes sure that you have an urine output of 2-4 liters in a day.