Cure For Tinnitus – How Tumors Cause Tinnitus

A tumor or any growth found in the ear canal, the head or neck areas could potentially give rise to tinnitus. This is a disorder that is typified by a constant throbbing, pulsating noise in the ear, thereby being termed as pulsating tinnitus. Often, when you have tumors in the ear, the more effective treatment is non other than surgery. The cure for tinnitus could well also be the cure of the tumor.

Tinnitus is a disorder which you will hear ringing in the ears without the presence of external noise. Very often, it is caused by a symptom of another condition and the condition sometimes need not be located within the auditory pathways to cause throbbing and pulsating tinnitus.

Tumors induced tinnitus is mainly located inside the ears, although they can also occur on the middle ear or outer ear. The main types are glandular tumors, glomus tumors, ceruminorma, papullary tumors as well as vascular malformations. In fact, any blockage to the vascular system will cause the nerves along the auditory canal to malfunction, giving rise to abnormal sound signals in the ears which are subsequently transmitted to the brain. Uneven blood flow through the arteries is another cause for weird sounds in the ears.

They can occur at any part of the ear canal and are culprit of breaking down the hearing nerves. Tumor induced tinnitus can have other symptoms such as imbalance, dizziness, tinnitus hearing loss or even facial paralysis.

Running CT scans will reveal the exact positioning of the tumor and once it is surgically removed, your pulsating tinnitus will disappear as well. The follow up is still key to ensuring that you have a strong overall immune system, boosted by a holistic all encompassing dietary, stress and exercise regime. That should be the real cure for tinnitus.