Cure For Stammering


If you're searching for a cure for stammering then you will need to read this article. Stammering also known as stuttering that can completely dictate and destroy a persons' life. I should know because for over a decade I suffered with this speech disorder. I learned how to achieve fluency, however, and I want to share what I learn with you right now.

Before I figure out the cure for stammering for me, stammering was ruling everything I did. I literally could not answer the phone or the front door for fear of stuttering to the recipient. I had this crippling anxiety whenever I was out in public places and this really hindered my social life too. I was not prepared to live that way for the rest of my life so I thought help.

I found out some news that initially set me back and made me thought there was no cure for stammering. Well, this is because there simply is not a totally effective cure that works for everyone. This is why there are so many methods out there that have claimed to treat stuttering, such as visiting a speech therapist.

Perhaps you have been told to visit a speech therapist by someone you are close to, or by something you have read? It is very hard for somebody who has not been affected with a stammer to understand how damaging this condition can be on the sufferer. This is why I think speech therapists can not give you the help you really need to achieve fluency.

To find an effective cure for stammering for you, you have to realize the many ways there are out there to help you speak fluently. For example hypnotherapy is becoming rather popular because it makes you forget you have a stammer and therefore you simply speak normally again. For me this sounded a bit too good to be true and hypnotherapy had not worked for me in the past so I did not try this out.

Instead what I decided to do was two things. I first wanted to stop speaking the way I currently was and to do this I needed to re-train the way I spoke. I managed to get my hands on some speaking and breathing exercises that would stop my bad speaking habits such as speaking too fast and holding my breath while I spoke.

I also studied how fluent speaker were speaking and tried to imitate them so I could speak like them. After about six months using these methods my stutter was actually gone and my self confidence shot up.
I can now speak normally like everyone else and you can as well if you know what you're doing.

My cure for stammering was to find a way to tie the built up stress I had in my body. As you may know, stuttering is made worse due to stress. I decided to take up yoga which really helped with relaxation and my speech improved slightly. The could be your cure as well and there is no harm in trying yoga.