Cure For Glaucoma – How to Cure Glaucoma Naturally

Glaucoma is one of those diseases that everyone has heard of and few people really understand what it is. When you have your vision checked periodically at the ophthalmologist, they will do a test to check the internal pressure of your eye. If the pressure is too high, it may be because you have glaucoma. A cure for glaucoma is not known at present, but there are a couple of preventative measures to prevent worsening of the condition.

One of the easiest ways to control glaucoma is to walk briskly for twenty minutes every other day. Aerobic exercise on a regular basis has been shown to improve circulation to the eye, including the retina and to lower the internal pressure of your eye. If you prefer a more athletic plan, try regular aerobic exercise. Each of these treatments can be accompanied by eye drops to keep the eye pressure reduced.

Mental conditioning has been suggested as a cure for glaucoma. As a type of biofeedback, picture the pressure of your eyes becoming less and less. This can be done as you are reclining before sleeping each night.

Acupuncture is believed to be helpful in reducing the internal pressure. Scientific measurements have not reported a reduction in the internal eye pressure, but many patients feel that their vision is better and clearer once the treatments have commenced.

Until the exact cause of the disease is determined, it is unlikely that a cure for glaucoma can be recommended. Scientists know the symptoms of the condition, but they don’t know why it appears as it does. The search for a cure continues by specialists in field. If glaucoma is not treated by one or more of these methods, it is quite common for blindness to follow. Currently, ophthalmologists use eye drops to reduce the pressure in the eyes.