Cure Fibroids Naturally – 4 Natural Ways to Cure Fibroids

As a woman with uterine fibroids, you are often faced with devastating choices. Most of these choices revolve around the need to have surgery to get rid of uterine fibroids and to keep them from recurring. Most people would rather find ways to cure fibroids naturally than have to resort to surgery. Some remedies to ease the pain and health problems of fibroids are:

1. Eating the right foods that are low in fat and high in fiber often help to reduce symptoms of uterine growths. High fat foods place a terrible burden on the liver, resulting in the creation of greater amounts of estrogen, which lead to fibroid growth.

2. Milk Thistle- This works to repair the liver, blocks toxins from entering, and keeps free radicals out. This must be taken in 140-milligram doses three times a days for three months to see results.

3. Herbal Tea- Another way to cure fibroids naturally is with the use of herbal tea. This can be brewed from cramp bark, burdock, wild yam, at 2 teaspoons and prickly ash bark, ginger, and mullein leaves each at one teaspoon. This should be consumed twice a day to alleviate swelling and shrink the growths.

3. Another way to cure fibroids naturally is through the use of essential oils like borage, flax-seed, and evening primrose. They have essential fatty acids that help relive inflammation from fibroids. Take two to three tablespoons each day.

4. Many women have also found a way to cure fibroids naturally using sitz baths. They work by reducing the pain from the inflammation that fibroids cause.

Women who have to suffer through the pain, swelling, infertility, and bloating associated with uterine growths are searching for a way to cure fibroids naturally.