Cure Emetophobia

Emetophobia is an irrational fear of vomit or seeing someone else vomit. The Greek word for emetophobia is emesis which means an instance or act of vomiting. Emetophobia is not limited to age and can effect men women and children. People who suffer from emetophobia find it difficulty leading a normal life. People may avoid carrier moves such as child care, teaching, doctor, or chef and more, in fact any carrier which they may see some one being sick. Women avoid getting pregnant due to the fear of morning sickness. It is considered to be one of the most common phobias in the world.

An Emetophobic person may also have a fear of hearing some one else vomit or seeing vomit, often avoiding social situation such as going for meals or drinking alcohol, or visiting hospital or doctors in the fear of seeing some one else being sick. They may also find them selves being over cautious when preparing food checking that food smells OK washing food over again to make sure they can’t catch anything that makes them sick.

The good news is that emetophobia can be successfully treated. The best way to find a successful treatment for emetophobia is to go on the internet and search for. Emetophobia treatment, cure emetophobia, emetophobia help. For the best success ask the therapist how many people have they cured of emetophobia, do they specialise in this kind if symptom, what experience do they have and how long they have been in practice etc.

Also the best tip is to not read any books on emetophobia or go on any support groups as this will only make matters worse as you will only be re-enforcing your problem. Emetophobia is not in the true sense of the word the real problem; the real problem is the fear of losing control. Emetophobia can really be classed as a social anxiety disorder. People who suffer from social anxiety disorder have a fear of losing control in social situation being judged by others being stuck on the spot so to speak. Emetophobia is really an outward expression of an internal anxiety projecting its self into the world.

Remember you are not on your own as emetophobia is one of the biggest phobias that people consult a therapist for. Please don’t suffer in silence as there is plenty of help out there and follow the tips I have given. I’m confident if you follow these tips you will over come your emetophobia completely.