Cure Eczema and Psoriasis With Lush Natural Handmade Products

If you have eczema like I do then you will agree once you try these Lush natural skin care products for eczema and psoriasis are second to none! LUSH products for dry, cracked and oozing skin have shown significant improvements in my skin. There are many moisturizers, body bars, bath bombs, lotions etc. that are all organic and made specifically for our dry, crack and oozing skin.

They are green, encourage recycling, sell handmade products, and have a vegan friendly line for the earth lovers. You can sample just about everything and the women who work here have glowing personalities that almost outshine the glittery pink bubble bath

The cost is more than drugs stores but less than salon prices. Try it out

I’m loving the massage bars which are great for extra dry skin because it’s almost like lotion with greater staying power, but not greasy. Make sure you get the reusable tins to put them in to keep cool and dry, otherwise they’ll melt away super quick. My other favorite is the Lemony Flutter cream–it’s a little greasy, but great for chapped winter hands and feet. I also love Lush’s Cream Dream which is light and fast absorbing and the Coconut Body Bar.

Soothe your dry irritated skin and promote its healing by indulging in Lush natural skin care products for eczema and psoriasis today!

I used to work downstairs from Lush and that is what started my addiction. I’ve worked in the beauty/cosmetics industry both in salons and as a make-up artist and truly I will not put any other products on my face or body any more! I highly recommend the Ayesha mask (good for women during that special time each month to help prevent breakouts) and the Mudflatts soap. Lush is reasonably priced considering the quality of their products.