Criteria for Selecting a Fertility Clinic

Choosing a fertility clinic is an important decision. Given the number of factors that go into choosing a clinic, the following points outline some of the primary factors for selecting one fertility clinic over another:

1. Is the clinic utilizing the latest technology? Technology in the area of ​​fertility is advancing rapidly. A good way to evaluate whether a clinician is utilizing the latest technology is to see how many research studies have been completed at a clinic and how many are currently underway.

2. Do you have a good relationship with your fertility specialist? Working through the problems, both mental and physical, of infertility is challenging. Having a strong relationship with your fertility physician is critical towards achieving pregnancy and starting a family. We suggest that you schedule a consult with a prospective fertility specialist to ensure that you have a team behind you that will help you to achieve success.

3. How long has the fertility practice been in place? There is no substitute for experience. The stability and length of a practice is an indication that they have had significant success with regards to their patients.

4. How many procedures do they do? Are all the procedures performed on site? Do they have a laboratory associated with their practice? The experience of a practice is reflected in the number of procedures that they annually. (This must also be factored in with the personal care aspects discussed in # 2 above.) The fact a facility has the necessary operating rooms as well as a quality assisted reproductive laboratory reflects a commitment to patient care and success.

5. What is their hospital affiliation? Do they have an affiliation with any educational institutions? The fact that a practice has been vetted by its peers is reflected in the ability of its doctors to practice medicine at well-known hospitals, and whether its physicians teach at local medical schools. This serves to ensure that the physician you are working with is recognized by his / her peers as being at the top of their profession.