Creative Writing Prompts- A Cure For The Dreaded "Blank Screen Paralysis"

Picture the scene. You head off to your creative workspace, head full of great ideas, ready to get writing and create wonderful, rich, three-dimensional characters in believable, realistic scenarios.

You’re keen to write the stories that will touch and inspire people, make them say “that character spoke to me, I’m just like them!”.

You open your notebook, switch on your computer, sit down, and… er, nothing happens, that’s it.

For all your ambition and great intentions, you don’t know where to start. You can’t think what to write. You begin to wonder if you can even string together a couple of sentences, let alone a complete story or novel.

You’re in the grip of the dreaded “Blank Screen Paralysis”.

Also known as creative block, or writer’s block.

But don’t give up, because there’s a way this story can still have a happy ending.

Creative writing prompts are an excellent tool to combat writer’s block.

A creative writing prompt is a small phrase, idea, or picture that can be used to kick start your creative writing. They provide that initial little push we sometimes need to get our creative writing going.

Once we have got going, the momentum easily builds and we can write freely and deeply.

Creative writing prompts can be used as and when you need them, for example when you feel you’re hit with some kind of creative block. But the great thing is, by using creative writing prompts regularly, you actually begin to create more easily without them.

Using them often means your mind begins to learn new ways of approaching your writing and finding starting points when it feels there aren’t any. In a short space of time of using creative writing prompts written by others, you quickly begin to automatically come up with your own.

If you haven’t used creative writing prompts before, try them out today and realise what a wonderful tool they can be to enhance your creative writing.