Creating a Winning Phone Call Conference

Starting the Meeting

  • Test the dial-in number and access password 10 minutes prior to start of meeting to ensure the phone call conference service is available and scheduled properly.
  • State your name first, before the business meeting begins.
  • Appoint someone other than moderator to take meeting minutes. Whoever   is  taking minutes should have their phone  muted  because the clicking of typing will  be  too distracting for others.
  • Have a prepared reference list of who is attending the conference call meeting.
  • Conduct a roll call so you know who is on your conference call.
  • Request that each participant use the “ Mute ” button on their local phone to reduce background noise problems. Instruct participants to only “Un-mute” when they need to speak.

During the Meeting

  • Do not put your phone on HOLD. This usually puts music into your conference and prevents others from continuing the meeting.
  • If no one in your room needs to speak, use the “ Mute ” button on the phone to prevent background noise from disrupting the meeting. When someone needs to speak, simply release the “ Mute “.

Concluding the Meeting

  • Make a last request for additional questions or concerns prior to ending the call.
  • Establish the day and time for your next phone call conference.
  • After closing the meeting and bidding farewell to your audience, be the last person to disconnect from the call.
  • Forward meeting minutes to the audience within 24 hours following the phone call conference.


Using the tips listed above, your next phone call conference can be a winner for all attending. Plan in advance, and take the time to ensure the conference number works just before the meeting. Be flexible and even humorous about small problems that make occur during the call. Your professionalism in handling such situations will be evident.